Option 1: Classroom Session - Theory

  • This course is suited for anyone with a vehicle be it a high performance one or not. (Even if you DONT have a vehicle you can still learn the theory of high performance track driving.)
  • It’s targeted at the novice/beginner track driver who has a desire to learn what their vehicle can do and what they can do to get more out of it.
  • The goal is to get you around the race track safely while giving you an understanding of vehicle dynamics and racing lines in order to have the maximum amount of fun without crashing your car.
  • To gain total control of your car on the road, first explore, understand and exploit its handling characteristics in a controlled environment.
  • Learn all about the racing line and how to approach driving on track for the first time.
  • Learn how to prepare your vehicle and yourself for driving on track.
  • Video demonstration of racing line.
  • Basic course notes received.



Option 2: On Track Instruction - Practical

  • Whether you want to gain the confidence to fully enjoy your car or if you already have some experience and knowledge but now wish to move on to a higher level, this course is right for you.
  • Maximise your enjoyment, satisfaction and safety from your car every time you drive it.
  • To gain total control of your car on the road, first explore, understand and exploit its handling characteristics in a controlled environment.
  • Using Killarney Raceway, away from the restrictions and hazards of public roads, enables us to help you develop the techniques to enjoy the performance attributes of your vehicle while understanding its limitations.
  • Understand the physical forces acting upon your vehicle and how your actions as a driver affect its behaviour, in order to optimise its handling.
  • Fine-tune your use of the accelerator, brakes and steering so as to master techniques including high-speed cornering, trail-braking and left-foot braking.
  • Data logging/telemetry for you to understand what you are doing.
  • In car GoPro footage of your laps to review and improve technique.
  • Just you, your car, an experienced trainer and a great venue.
  • Drive to your full potential, and that of your car.
  • Safely develop great skill and confidence.
  • Prepare for track days.

2019 Killarney Open Track Day Dates:

9am - 2pm
2pm - 6pm
Jan/Feb 2020
Dates to be confirmed

PRICE: R1000 (During public open track day, excluding open track day fee.)

Option 3: Rent A Racecar

  • SpeedStar Advanced Driver Coaching is pleased to offer you private trackday access to Killarney International Raceway. Private Track Days require pre-registration and an entry fee, but hold many advantages over a standard Public Open Track Day Session.
  • From full private use of the circuit to the relaxed environment, these sessions offer many reasons to join in over a standard public session - including no other vehicles on track, no spectarors and full personal track instruction!
  • On these days you can bring your own car, or hire our prepared Harper Type 5 track car to use on the circuit. Also included is an in car Gopro camera and data logging telemetry. Our professional instruction is available to you regardless of whether you choose to bring your own car or rent ours.
  • If you are interested in renting our car for dedicated track time, take a look in our car garage by clicking here. If not, you can just book your Advanced Driver Coaching Course (with your own vehicle) here.

Public Track Session PRICE: P.O.A

Private Track Session PRICE: P.O.A


  • Classroom courses are available during midweek or on weekends.
  • We can accommodate group courses ideal for owners’ clubs. (Option 1 Theory class only.)
  • On track training is run on a one-to-one format.
  • Your car will have individual handling traits which are important to understand, hence all training will be conducted in your own car for ultimate benefit.
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We do not condone driving recklessly or above the speed limit on public roads. Keep it safe and take it to the track!