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Not unlike the mythical Dragons of yesteryear, this RX7 embodies all that is grace and power… oh…and it happens to spew flames as well. BY JASON SASMAN. Photography by Tauriq Abrahams.

Rotaries, until recently, have been a vastly untapped re source here in sunny South Africa. Our first glimpse of the rotary was introduced to us back in the early 80’s with the release of the wedge shaped series 1 RX7. Only a handful managed to harness it true potential,
but on the wider scale of things it never really seemed to really take off, thus, we never saw one for a very long time again… until the RX8 only a few years ago. In that gap period experienced in SA, the rest of the world raved about the ever popular series 6, which was further enhanced by being made famous in movies like “The Fast and the Furious” as well as being a championship winning car in the D1GP in Japan, there was no reason not to want one. As luck would have it, the call was made to deem the RX7 series 6 a collectors item, thus officially making it 100% legal to import one onto local shores. Once a good few examples started entering our borders, peoples perception and views changed rapidly about the power of rotary. They could now see the painstaking efforts that went into it’s production, the ightened bodywork, the sleek design, the race inspired suspension and of course the potent Wankel engine. No longer was it looked at like a page full of Hieroglyphics, it was now at home on South African soil.

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