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dB Linquent Juvenile

In most cases sound junkies cruise with their rides, this bass head takes a school bus home. The only homework he does is polish the trophies in his cabinet. That should speak volume. By Jason Sasman. Photography by Tauriq Abrahams.

Currently the custom car scene is a pretty hard niche to break into, successfully anyways. There are so many ‘competitors’ out there, that in order to “stand out” you really need to have put the respective components in their right places in order to get the formula just right. This talent or ability to correctly customize seems to be something that must clearly be learnt over a vast time period of trail and error, until eventually you start taking home the trophies from various shows. So, in short, only with enough practice time and years of experience can you kit out a ride well enough to get noticed, right? Wrong! This is defiantly not the case with this ‘Pepper White” Mini. You see, the owner of this ‘custom cruiser’ still wears grey pants on
weekdays, along with a school tie and even writes an exam or two every so often.

But despite what you may think, he has single handedly turned this Cooper S into quite a show stopper. Yes, it does help if your part of the family’s custom parts shop, Janjira. But even so, the full custom job was Muneebs own brainchild and defiantly, as far as I can tell,
not a bad “first try”. Muneeb fancies himself more of a Styling and Audio man than a speedster, not that the Cooper S is remotely slow by any standards.

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