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Asians usually have JDM cars for their tuning needs, this time however its a German brand tearing up the city streets. Standard OPC exterior, has blistering internals. Photography by Tauriq Abrahams.

With its angular shapes and “sports bred” gills flanking the bodywork, the new Opel Corsa OPC really is ‘the business’. Never before has such ‘aggression’ been compressed into such
a miniscule package, its retro styling with a bad temper indeed. Its looks are so purposeful that if looked at incorrectly, you’d be slapped by it! And the law? Just looking at it! You know it doesn’t give a flying stuff about the law. Matching that “mean” demeanor of the exterior is the very ‘explosive’ 1.6L 16V Ecotec turbo engine, capable of delivering a whopping 141kw and 230nm of power. It’s like driving a “pissed off” Chuck Norris, that’s only 1/8th the size

So its quite easy to see how this particular model could be every ‘boy-racers’ wet dream.Enter Kenji Lo, longtime Opel fan and Corsa connoisseur. For him there really has been nothing better than the smooth clean shape of past and present Corsa models, as well as the immense ‘fun factor’ that the light body offers during a spirited drive. Kenji has owned quite a few Opel Corsa’s, about four to be exact. Starting with a Corsa B-model in the GSI guise, this proved to be more than enough… for the whole of 2minutes. And like any self respecting petrol head, it was more power that he was after.

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