22 September 2012| Photos: RaceMasteR J, Chevan Davids & Nish | Words: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


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With plenty of WesBank Super Series events done and dusted in the Raceweb archive from yester year, we decided to mix things up a bit this time around by covering this event in a little more detail rather than a “general” whole. We focused more on one of our SpeedStars Ronald Slamet, The Red Baron, on his S1000RR BMW superbike and Team Afrox BMW. (Stay tuned for: A day in the life of Team Afrox BMW coverage coming soon!) Keeping that in mind we still managed to cover some awesome action from one of the biggest events on the Cape Town racing calendar. Found below are some of the highlights that myself, Nish and Chevan snapped. You can find the rest of the gallery further down.

The gates opened at 7AM and after scrutineering, documentation, track cleaning, inspection and qualifying, it was time for the opening race of the day which was none other than the hard hitting nonstop action packed Polo Cup battle featuring some of South Africa's youngest gun slingers trying to make a name for themselves. It was a constant battle between these two, Kosie Weyers and Jordan Pepper. Brilliant racing skills were shown from both drivers keeping the crowds entertained at all times.

The SA Supersport Motorcycle Championship followed with an impressive grid filled with fully track spec'd 600cc bikes. The front row of the grid was occupied by the always impressive Honda BikeFin team.

There were plenty of grid girls in attendance too...

Formula VW competitors lined up in pit lane as they waited for the Supersport bikes to complete their racing.

After the super fast Formula VW it was time for the big boys on their 1000cc superbikes. As mentioned earlier, we were more foused on following Raceweb SpeedStar Ronald Slamet for this race.

The fire spitting V8 monsters were out scaring everything in their path... Hot Wheels indeed!

During lunchtime all the Bridgestone Production cars lined up on the start line and the track was opened up for a public grid walk where fans could get up close and personal with their heroes.

Production cars are one of the highest forms of motorsport in South Africa and teams came with fully prepared pit crews.

Camera men cleaned and covered their equipment as the rain was now starting to fall.

It started to pour with rain! This wasn't good for the rwd BMW's we were following...

It was an easy win for the four wheel drive Audi's this time around...

Teams came prepared with more than a few sets of brand new semi slick rubber.

Class T of the Production cars are always a battle between the Golf's and Ford ST's. Nothing beats the sound of those Fords though.

A pleasant surprise to see was this Chevy Cruze!

As well as the Mini Cooper's.

Lap times get monitored via wirelessly connected laptops...

There were two races immediately after each other and the teams had minimal
time to repair any damages.

The weather was a little better in race 2 but still saw the four wheel drive cars with that slight advantage.

The Midas Clubmans cars were invited to race as well. Not often do regional racers get a chance at national exposure. Ebrahim Levy raced his Golf GTi production car as well as this Clubmans M3. What a full day of racing he had.

Like I said, there were plenty of grid girls...

And the fans just couldn't get enough... of the racing...

Supersport was there as usual getting one on one with the drivers after the races.

Nom nom nom...

The carnage of production cars... or destruction derby for some.

Looks like he came out of a boxing match...

A full day worth of racing and once done, pack up, move off and do it all over again...

Check out the rest of the gallery below...

RaceMasteR J


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