13 July 2012| Photos by: RaceMasteR J. | Location: Platterkloof Office Park.

Ten years ago the trend was chrome wheels, neon lights, big mouthed bumpers and fast and furious styled stickers. Now days that’s called rice. But the fact of the matter is that it was a trend back in the day. So in time, trends come and go. The latest trend at the moment is STANCE. Slam your ride to the ground. I must admit, it does look good. So when I heard wind of this event, the Slamo-Meter, where cars would be measured to see how low they were to the ground, with an actual “device”, I was very curious to see what it would all be about. That and anything new is rather refreshing in the local car scene these days. CapeStance.com played host to this "ground breaking" event at a private office park, far from Ghost Squad eyes, or fingers (2 fingers), so it was safe to say the diehard slammers came out in force even in the freezing cold winter’s night. Well done to the CapeStance crew for pulling this off. We hope to see more soon! Check the gallery below for the pics. Enjoy.

RaceMasteR J.

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The crowd waiting as the first car lined up to be measured.

Ever heard the term "just a rim and a drop"...? Well there you go! Awesomeness!

Ever seen someone wear white gloves to change rims? Yeah, fanatical I say. (Or maybe he was just cold?) All sorts of tricks were being implemented just to see the car drop a few millimeters.

Poor Keagan got himself stuck at the boom gate at the entrance of the office park, then he got stuck here too (parking lot entrance)...

This Mk1 should be in a museum! It's so clean and neat I would be scared to drive it! Love the look!

Keagan eventually gave up. Driveway - 1. Bumper - 0.

Old school rides like this Toyota SRS are far and few between which makes seeing an immaculately clean one like this just breathtaking. Love the choice of rims too!


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