1 December 2012 | Photos: RaceMasteR J & Chevan Davids| Story: RaceMasteR J | Location: Saldanha Airfield.


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With the Easter installment of this event put on the back foot due to “un-raceable” weather, the December event was long awaited with plenty of eagerness from spectators and racers alike, myself included. I didn’t end up even going to the last one as I was kept well informed of the degrading weather forecast. So I was more than looking forward to making it up with some great coverage.

Fortunately for me I stayed over in Langebaan for the weekend so waking up super early was not needed. I arrived at a fashionable 9:30am with still plenty of time before the actual racing started. I was greeted by the usual queues of cars and masses of boost hungry fans and spectators. It wasn’t a long wait to get in due to the swift work of the local traffic department directing cars in. I promptly parked as close to the action as possible, the pit area, which was filled by plenty of tyre shredding monsters. Always a grand site to behold!

Finding my way to the start line I got there just in time for the “show us what you got” parade lap which was happening and getting the crowds amped up giving them a taste of what’s to come.

It was a bit difficult to actually get some decent shots as I was very surprised by the sheer amount of photographers present. I’ve never seen it so busy, it was actually over crowded. Mostly with people I don’t know, and I’ve been in this game long enough to know almost everyone. With that done and the tyre smoke fading away the media briefing was given. I must admit I was highly annoyed after listening to it. We were told that we are not allowed to stand past the start line. How the hell am I supposed to get any decent shots then? I came all the way to Saldanha only to be told I can’t stand where I normally do. To top that off, because of the number of photographers, only 10 supposed to be on the line while the rest should stand by the spectators and alternate once in a while. Safety reasons understood, but common, maybe the amount of media passes given out should have been limited! I was fuming and very close on buggering off to Langebaan to relax on the beach for the day. I decided to gulp it down and went to stand at the finish line instead. Hence most of the shots below are from that point. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t have all the media present, but there are better ways on managing us. I’ve covered a few international events already; I know what I’m talking about. Oh, while I’m on a roll about ranting, I personally DO take offence about having to wear a liquor branded lanyard media pass. I went to get my own one from my car but it didn’t work as the pass kept falling out. So I was forced to wear the booze lanyard. Especially since security was so tight, no pass meant no access. Last but not least, the events title sponsor was a liquor brand. I understand that sponsors are few and far between, but I’m sorry, alcohol and motorsport do not mix. It’s a huge contradiction and RACEWEB is completely against it for the simple reason of sending out the wrong message to road users. Alcohol and a car, never mind racing a car should never be said together let alone be seen together!

Ok, I think I’m done ranting now… here’s a pic of Armand’s 200SX going over the traps… just to change your mind set.

Ex Raceweb feature bike ridden by Achmat Israel from AIR Developments clocked the fastest speed for the day, and I assume for a very long time, a very impressive record breaking 301km/h! Well done Aggies!

The Schalk's Conversions 2J powered Corolla! That's what’s on everyone’s lips at the moment as he is the new King of Saldanha, for cars, that managed an awesome 284km/h! Over 800m's! Amazing! It's shocking to see just how standard looking this car is. It's pretty much still in full road trim! Zain (XR8 TT), you have your work cut out for you next year... my pally!

Yet another awesome speed achieved goes to Garion Slamet who clocked 296km/h! Well done!

Another great speed achieved for the day was crowd favourite SUSPECT-WP running a very respectable 267km/h. Well done!

Chevan was back at the start line getting all the finer details...

And some heated battles too...

Not forgetting all the epic burnouts.

While I was sitting all by my lonesome at the finish line... "cooling off".

But I did manage to capture some good dices too.

Like the Opel VS Ford battle...

People don't get to see the gaps over the finish line. This was a rather large one...

Some cars came past in a cloud of smoke... was it oil? I don't know? No one checked. Not good!

While others raced without helmets... come on! Don't be daft! I hope he was buckled up at least!

You win some...

You lose some...

This is the first year after many where I actually noticed such a strong tail wind as to the usual head wind. Could that be a reason why records were broken by such large gaps this year? Maybe?

Kevin's Beemer always kicks ass and takes names!

Always a box in the mix somewhere...

My hangout spot for the day... I felt like a traffic cop. All I needed was some doughnuts.

Like heroes returning from battle.

Back at the start line the CPi VS Racetec battle raged on.

Here's some in car footage from that race. Camera inside the CPi Golf on the left.

Followed by some impressive skills...

And some mega burnouts.

Tyre artwork on an airfield canvas. Not sure if this is entirely fair for the guys running in the right lane with less grip.

All in all, not such a bad day of racing after all, even with the extremely hot weather and heavy winds. Though I'm not sold on the quantity of the quality of cars/bikes. But we will just have to wait and see until the next one comes. Check out the rest of the pics below, theres plenty!

RaceMasteR J


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