Posted: 19 September 2012| Photos & story: Powerrun Crew | Location: All over the Cape.


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5 May 2012 saw some of the cape’s bravest exotic drivers rip up the roads between Cape Town, Worcester and Robertson on the Powerrun Series 1.

The vehicles were dressed by Wrapmaster Vinyl Technology whist teams enjoying an amazing breakfast at the 5 star luxury Pepper Club Hotel and Spa.

Spear headed by the insane Mark B of EIPSA`. He piloted his Ferrari F430 Spyder and roped the likes Andre of Team Los Lambos in their Lamborghini Merceilago, the Calvert men definitely brought the heat with amazing Porsche 911 and the road eating Audi TT Ltd, who rattled the cage of the Lexus ISF on the passes, but the Lexus ISF driven by Shane “Pappi Chu” Jacobs put his authority firmly behind the accelerator and showed there is nothing like displacement.

After ripping through the Huegnot Tunnel the BMW M3 of Faizel Glossop decided to stretch it legs by harassing the LS1 Corvette powered Nissan 350Z of Seraj Hartley.

But the young man Farhard Parker in 335i Cab made it look as slick as ever with windows down, Akrapovic exhaust adding a sweet sound to his system banging the David Guetta Titanium.

Definitely the 335i of Shaiheem Soeker was the one of the most entertaining cars of the day because he was messing with Seraj Hartley’s wide arch 350Z which was steered to limits and beyond by Jason Van and his sexy co-driver.

After a brief stop along the route the official Powerrun Express lane was opened at the toll road where the team assaulted the booms, 15 road eating monsters in 25 seconds.

The Maseratti of the Miller Family just added that extra style to the experience, mature slick power. But the “Player” of the day had to be handed to Mike Rousson of Limousine Extreme who rolled in one of his 4 Hummer limos.

The Titanic had nothing on the stretched limo, the way it sailed through the mountain passes at ease.

At the lunch check inn we were greeted by the sickest 2 tone Bentley GTC of Ragi Moonsamy who shredder across to the Robertson Small Hotel from the N2 to join us for a canapé lunch at the Reuben’s Signature Restaurant. Talk about shredding, the Wrapmaster SRT 8 Chrysler was like a possessed freight train. Things were heating up so the gorgeous lady known as Silke K braved the awesome pool and showed off her aquatic skills for the cameras.

This is where things got a little more heated as the teams left for TIGER WHEEL & TIRE Worcester the guys from Photofuzion were ready to fuse the power and beauties of the sultry Shihaam Daniels and the great taste of Asia’s Cee Bailey.

Boy did it get steamy in some cars. Which left a taste in everybodies mouth for more.

So Experience It Production has officially planned its Series 2 experience for this September and would like to thank all its partners and participants. Durban your next........

Big thanks to Limosusine Extreme, Tiger Wheel & Tire Worcester & Pepper Club Hotel and Spa.

Be sure to come to the Powerrun Series 2 Launch Party on the 22 of September 2012 at the Fire & Ice Hotel, see details below:

Check out the rest of the pics below.


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