Posted: 02 March 2016 | Story & photos: RaceMasteR J

As many of you may know, this car was recently featured on the cover of Speed and Sound Magazine. It didn’t look like this though. Naturally with any car project or build, a vehicle starts off life looking completely different to when it’s completed. This is one of those stories.

Noer Asmodien, the owner of this Bad Ass 15, clearly has an obsession with wide body cars. Almost all of his cars have been given the Hansel and Gretel diet. I have to admit, they do look great. Look what a stir Kato San from Liberty Walk Performance caused with his amazing wide body kits. He has fattened up so many supercars already from Lambo’s, Ferraris and Nissan GTR’s.

Unfortunately most people here are not bothered to order “overnight parts from Japan” because frankly, they don’t get here over night and, it costs a testicle and a kidney. In that case, all you need to do is head on down to Epping Industrial in Cape Town and visit a very talented man called Niaaz Daniels (Niazo San) at Xmodz Fibreworks. Niaaz has been building custom kits and one off designed vehicles for many years now. So he was just the man for the job to build the Bad Ass15 body kit.

Bad Ass15 is a Nissan Silvia S15 which was in fact imported from Japan, not over night, but it did eventually get here. As they are not available locally the S15 is one of the most sought after drift cars known for its amazing handling, balance and charmingly good looks. Not forgetting to mention it’s a very rare sight around these parts of sunny South Africa. The car was sourced from upcountry and already came jam packed with plenty of motorsport goodness… or “badness” in this case.

Upgraded and modified drive train, brakes, suspension, interior and electronics were already done by legendary car builder, Bobby Brewis. Oh, it also happened to have an insanely powerful Nascar V8 engine under the bonnet. So when Noer originally acquired the vehicle, it already had all the right components, except the fat ass look he is usually accustomed to.

Which brings me back to Niazo San. A custom kit was designed which included front and rear bumpers, side sills, bonnet and most importantly, fatty fenders. Working with fiberglass can be a tedious thing but with Niaaz’s experience this S15 slowly turned into his blank canvas.

From getting the dimensions, making moulds, adding layer upon layer of fiberglass it eventually turned into something special.

A bit of tweaking here and there once fitted onto the vehicle and with some final adjustments before spraying, it was turning out to be a real head turner. The car had all the right equipment; it had the power under the bonnet and the soundtrack to go with it. Soon enough it was going to have the looks to match.

The car was set to have its debut appearance at the private Dunlop Track Day for some special guests. After many late nights of hard work by Niaaz and his team the car finally made it to the track. Albeit it was completely finished, it still needed rear wheel spacers to fill the rear arches and the rear wing was still to be fitted.

But looking at it stand there in the pits it was hard to doubt its already muscular appearance. A great car that was made even better thanks to some artistic people with talent.

The car does not look like this now though, it’s been treated to a full body wrap and new colour. If you haven’t checked out the feature in Speed and Sound yet make sure you get a copy asap!

RaceMasteR J
Junaid Hamid

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