Posted: 11 December 2012 by Nicholas Abrahams| Images: Various.


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Definition: via French from Italian stanza place for standing, from Latin stans, from stare to stand.

We all know by now about this not so new trend that has hit the world and truth be told it’s really not that new at all. The tools to achieve the end product have just become a whole lot better. It’s been around for many years like most other trends and has just come full circle to fruition.

I found it as far back as the 70s when low-riders were achieved with hack saws and angle grinders. And Mini trucks in the late 80’s and early 90’s used air suspension descendant of Hydropneumatic suspension that was the brain child of Citroen and first used in 1955.

Stance like most other car trends seems to have started its life in some sort of racing code and been put on steroids to “work” on the road. A lot of racing application suspension parts are being used to get maximum effect to the detriment of the vehicle. Crazy camber and extreme lack of ride height is achieved from sometimes extremely expensive coil overs. I with many others can’t justify the amounts of currency thrown at E-bay just so you need to plot a route to avoid all possible speed bumps on your way to buy a loaf of bread. The primary function of the vehicle till today is to move objects effectively and efficiently from point A to B and as a recreational tool to entertain the masses in open battle. These activities all facilitate motion and Stance is the anti-motion movement.

It seems as if Stance has come full circle and the question is what next? Millions of people all over the world follow F1 and is there a possibility that fenders are coming off in the near future to create the open wheeler effect.

Or are we going to lift vehicles and add sponsor decals with larger night shattering spotlights to mimic our favourite WRC cars.

Rally cross has already made a big statement on the roads as it is with larger mud flaps and massive monster and DC decals being added daily.

For all we know oem might even be the result of JDM and USDM with cars sporting stock standard factory fitted parts and standard interior trims and completion to see who’s ride is most stock. That’s the beauty of the automobile. It’s been around for more than 100 years and it’s still not old. From time to time it has its hair coloured and cut but deep down it’s the same thing in a new red dress.

As for the Stance craze currently gripping the world I think it’s going to be fading out sooner than later due to human nature. We are creatures of comfort who strive for maximum results and after a month of shattering you spine every time you go over a stone the senses should take over and make up your mind and return your vehicle to a respectable height.

Photo by Seagram Pearce.

Either that or have your licence disc removed by a Golf GTI driver.



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