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Now as many of you may already know what a “sleeper” car is, I am still going to elaborate a little for those that don’t. Imagine pulling up to a set of “robots”… we’ll say Killarney’s start line lights (for the interest of public safety, because racing on public roads is ILLEGAL! Duh!)… at a Street2Strip event in your somewhat quick vehicle. Let’s say you own a modified M3 or Mercedes AMG… pretty much any car with status and some poke. An unsuspecting car pulls up next to you, no visible mods, no loud exhaust, and you think to yourself, there’s no way in hell that little thing is going to beat me! The lights go green and that very same unsuspecting car leaves you for dust! That’s what you call a sleeper! Its cars that aren’t expected to be quick, but just are.

I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 sleeper cars here, I’ll stick to 10 for now, because we all know this list can go on forever. So in number 10 we have…

10. Opel Kadett/Monza CD – Because it’s not a Superboss, and there’s plenty of boosted CD's around too...

9. BMW E30 – Boosted 1J motor's, E36 M3 turbo motors...

8. Honda DOHC/CRX – On the older side but still a sleeper. B20, VTEC…

7. Toyota Hilux bakkie – Boosted 2J Supra motors. Nuff said.

6. Nissan STi – Are they not taking over Cape Town???

5. Ford Escort - There's some really quick ones out there. Great RWD traction and light weight.

4. Box shape Toyota Corolla - Plenty running around with boosted 4age motors.

3. Nissan Champ bakkie - Well we all know about these ones. Louis Lima FTW!

2. Uno Turbo – Mostly very mildly looking on the outside, but peri-peri dynamite under the bonnet.

1. Mk1 Golf – Simple… because there’s always a Mk1 quicker than you!

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