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I probably know Mike Cook for the last 5 years or so from racing indoor karts together. We’ve raced many a battle on track before, and besides being an absolute gentleman in the true sense, he is extremely modest. But it was only recently that I found out about Mike’s hidden talents… with a paintbrush.

Knowing I was in the motorsport industry and both of us having a passion for racing, coupled with my love for photography, specifically of cars, he mentioned he had done a few paintings of various F1 cars and some other stuff. I was intrigued and insisted to see them.

When he brought one over for me to look at I was totally blown away. Specifically at how detailed and accurate the paintings are. When I say detailed, you have to see it with the naked eye, as my pictures fail in bringing across such minute detail.

Mike uses existing images or photographs to reference his paintings from. In that way, anything is possible. Show him any image and he will be able to recreate it. And when he is done, it’s hard to tell which one is the canvas version. Here’s some more info about the master painter himself…

Mike is a Cape Town based artist who, after a long and distinguished career as an advertising art director, decided to combine his two great passions – motorsport and art.

As such, he has been responsible for a wide collection of paintings, from historical race cars and drivers like Sterling Moss and Jack Brabham, to current cars and drivers including the likes of Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

The devil is in the detail.

In addition to his comprehensive portfolio of work, Mike also accepts commissions for any motorsport-related work across a wide range of disciplines, including karting, motocross, endures, rallying and track racing.

The tools of the trade...

His work is characterised by its hyper-realism, resulting in work that isn’t only extremely life-like and accurate in detail, but true works of art.

One for all the Schumi fans out there.

So whether you are a racing driver or a fan of a particular motorsport icon, Mike can create a painting that isn’t only an exceptional work of art, but also something of unmatched exclusivity and they make great gifts too!

Prices vary, depending on the size of the painting, the subject detail and the scope of the project. Mike can be contacted on 021 689 4833.

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