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Action, drama, glory! These are some of the things associated with top notch motorsport and we got to experience it all firsthand here. The images here were taken back in 2012 but were never published for some reason and with Super Series coming up this weekend I thought it would be a nice reminder of what to expect this coming Saturday.

We were allowed “backstage” at Team ADF Motorsport/Afrox BMW and followed their developments during the Cape Town leg at Killarney Raceway. We got an insider’s view on what it takes to run with the big dogs in South Africa’s premier motorsport class, Bridgestone Production cars.

From a wet and rainy Friday to arriving at a completely dry and sunny Saturday race day, the first thing we noticed upon entering the ADF camp was the military styled precision of how they operated. The entire pit garage was clean, everything was in its place and easily accessible at all times.

The cars weren’t even dirty but they were constantly cleaned and inspected. No uncertainty was left for possible future mistakes to occur.

Being one of the leading teams in the championship the ADF MOTORSPORT pit is always filled with curious on lookers. The cars are superstars or heroes to some people and this was their opportunity to get a first hand glimpse at their idols.

Walking around in the pit it’s only upon closer inspection that I noticed some of the finer details on these machines.

Its’ time! Suit up, let’s race!

The two F30 335i BMW’s head out of pit lane and onto the starting grid.

Pit crew scramble frantically to provide support on the grid if there should be any last minute issues.

The last thing you want is to lose a race due to a loose wheel nut.

The racing is intense and heated battles pursue including body contact and a side order of farming.

Back in the pits the damage is accessed and immediately attended to. The car gets stripped, parts are replaced and within minutes it’s back up and running.

Teams have minimal time to between back to back races to have their cars re-adjusted or set up.

The pressure is on, I can only imagine the feeling he has sitting in that seat. All will be calm again once that green light drops…

Production cars are the highlight race for most people and see’s the lunch time grid walk packed to capacity allowing fans to meet their star cars and drivers once more.

The race gets underway and the battle ensues, but this time with an added vengeance as places are needed to be made up due to the poor track conditions from a passing rain shower during the previous race.

Bridgestone Production Cars see’s some of South Africa’s best drivers and more than often the heat gets turned up to 11. In this case its body contact with vehicle fatality.

Suspension damage was irreparable and the driver, Etienne called it a day.

That’s motorsport for you. It comes with the territory but makes you want to come back harder and stronger than ever.

We at Raceweb would like to thank ADF Motorsport, Donovan Van Heerden, the drivers, Anthony Taylor and Etienne Van Der Linde, Jakim EC April and the rest of the crew for allowing us to spend the day with them. This article is only the tip of the iceberg but we hope to spend more time with you guys again soon.

We look forward to seeing you guys kick ass this coming weekend! Keep in touch with ADF Motorsport by checking out their facebook page here or their Team Afrox page here.

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