Posted: 21 May 2014 | Written by: Sebastian Clay | Pictures: Eric Palmer
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The 3rd stop of the new Monster Energy SuperGP finally hit Cape Town. It’s the track that most of the riders call their favourite and this definitely brought out the neck to neck racing.

With warm ups starting a bit later on Sunday all the riders were able to get into their pits early and work on their respective bikes with their mechanics to make the last few changes before the battle began.

The SuperM class was smaller than the other rounds but what an action packed class it is showcasing that every generation (18 years - 57 years) can battle it out to contend for the number one spot.

The Super600 class will be the class to watch this year. With so much talent on the starting grid you will understand why that in their first race the top 6 riders finished with 0.04 seconds separating them.

It was nail biting action with Greg Moloney saying, "In all my 14 years of commentating, I have never seen a race like that, ever".

The big boys on their SuperGP machines were the last to take to the starting grid and they gave the fans exactly what they came for, ACTION!

Clint Sellar, Brent Harran and local boy Lance Isaacs continued their battle from Red Star but this time Clint Sellar was just too good for the competition securing the number 1 spot in both races.

An all out action packed weekend for all. We look forward to seeing all the petrol heads in East London on 15th June.


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