Posted: 08 October 2013 by Nish
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So, Last Year this time we started preparing to go to SEMA 2012. For those who don’t know, go read the article we posted about it back in October last year.

09:30 AM, 29th October 2012, our bags were packed, we had managed to arrange US VISA’s, SEMA Applications, Hotel Accommodation and copious amounts of research in record time. But Mother Nature had a different idea. Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the States with devastating effects. Our flight, along with 7000 others all around the world was cancelled.

We had been monitoring the weather all weekend, and it seemed as if we would be fine, but Sandy was just bigger and hit harder than anyone expected. Once the reality had set in, it was damage limitation mode, cancelling hotels, connecting flights, etc.

A special “thank you” should go out to the complete A-Hole I spoke to with regards to cancelling our ONE night stay at the Days Inn Jamaica close to JFK Airport (1 week ahead of time). We had booked one night with them on our return leg after Las Vegas as a stop-over before coming home. This guy said to me that he cannot cancel the booking as there was still time to come through to fulfil our booking. I replied that it made perfect sense that we should rebook a flight to NY just to fulfil our one night stay in their hotel, to which all I got was a “is that all sir, I am very busy right now, please call again should you have any queries” and the bugger put the phone down.

But instead of going all Cape Flats on him and their hotel, I just proceeded to “review” my experience on no fewer than 4 Booking websites I could find. To which I received praise and thanks from other people around the world for warning them about the crap service I received. I really wish I had remembered his name though. Maybe we’ll make a turn there on this trip LOL.

Anyhooooooooooooooo … so we’re headed for SEMA 2013, with one extra crew member. And this time, we’re going bigger and better. Going to do some shopping in NY for the Racemaster. Family times in Boston, quick stop over in San Francisco ending with 7 DAYs of Viva Las Vegas and maybe even a Road Trip to California. (I wonder if the company Credit Card will be able to get us a nice Muscle Car ?)

With regards to the SEMA Show, nothing’s changed. It’s still the biggest Aftermarket Trade Show in the world. Last year, with most of the East Coast of the USA not making the trip due to Hurricane Sandy, they still managed to host over 50 000 people.

Last year the big hit of the show was exactly as predicted, the Toyota 8-6. What the big ticket item is this year? … I have no idea. Some say there will still be a lot of focus on the 8-6.

But wait, prepare to turn GREEN!! HIN – Hot Import Nights Las Vegas … guess we’ll be forced to go to that event as well, seeing as how it’s during our stay in Vegas?. We will do our best not to be overwhelmed by scantily clad ladies and super-hot cars. After all, we are going for you, our RACEWEB faithful, this trip is by no means for “Us” LOL.

So … again … on the 29th October (Yes the same Date), RACEWEB will be headed to SEMA 2013. This time for all four days of the show with some plans to visit additional “car” related venues to give you guys more coverage.

We will keep in touch via twitter and Facebook. Will the weather kill our trip again? Will Nicholas Abrahams face his first cavity search? Will Saleem cause an international incident on JFK? Will I get any sleep for two weeks with these two snoring idiots? Only time will tell … all I am saying is that it’s 22 days to Vegas Baby!!



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