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Some have heard about it while others might have even seen it, but we at Raceweb know that Australian V8 Supercars are amazing! The racing is intense, the action is heroic, the drama unfolded… It’s just all round awesomeness!

Great news is that South Africa will have its very own version of this series and boy cant we wait! So far word is that it’s set to take place around mid 2014 and officially start in 2015. Yes we are also impatient, but the ball has started to roll with the production of at least one, so far that we know, concept/prototype Ford Focus V8 built by Pace Innovation in Australia featuring all the latest Australian V8 Touring Car technology.

We also know that our local boys from ADF Motorsport (Afrox BMW’s), yep, the guys who run the 335i F30 BMW’s in the Wesbank Super Series, have confirmed that they will be participating in this series. The above image is a rendering of their car.

Technically all the vehicles, Audi’s, BMW’s, Fords, not exactly sure who else yet, will be identical using the same chassis, suspension, gearbox, brakes, roll cages and tyres and will be strictly regulated. All running 410Kw’s and should be identical in weight as well. If you’re wondering, the chassis has been designed to accept various manufacturers body shells as requested by the individual customer. Kind of like an RC car.

Motorsport South Africa (MSA) has sanctioned this as the V8 Touring Car Series. There is also talk of having longer than usual races. So not the usual 8 lap races but more likely races close to an hour with pit stops and tyre changes too!

Yes dear readers, it’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for! Come on 2014
! Enjoy the video below.


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