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It’s not often one gets handed the keys to a fully prepared drift car, let alone to specifically go sideways in it. Dylan Cothill is a brave man. We featured his fully imported S14 Silvia a few issues back before it had a full respray in black… I must say, I do prefer it in its new tuxedo. It’s a very stealthy look all in black, giving one the immediate impression it’s a weapon of some sort. The new ROTA Grids look great too, not that the old rims didn’t, but these just look better. Dylans done quite a bit since we last featured the car including a full motor rebuild to the SR20DET which see’s it being fully blue printed and the internals upgraded to Arias forged pistons, ACL bearings, Redline head gasket and it even has a reworked head.

Sadly Dylans priorities are changing in life which means this awesome machine is up for sale. In fact that’s how this whole excursion came about. I tried my luck with him saying he should let me have a go in it before he sells it, since I never actually drove it the last time when we featured it. Generously, he said yes. Game on!

I met up with him and his drift buddies at a practice session one late Friday afternoon at Killarney. Sure enough he was there with literally a bakkie load of tyres.

One set of tyres were mine.

After waiting for the marshals to arrive and all safety briefings done it was time to play. This was the first time since Dylan was able to play with the car after the motor was rebuilt, he wanted to go out first to do a bit of testing before I got into it.

Watching him drift on the oval it was obvious to see the car has improved in leaps and bounds. I have been following Dylan and his Silvia since his arrival on the scene so I know how the car used to perform. There’s been a lot of R and D to many things but mainly suspension set up.

It’s unmistakably noticeable. The car slides easier, it’s faster, there’s more angle, transitions are smoother and there’s heaps more tyre smoke.

It’s smoking so much more now that the tyres only last for a few minutes at a time. No wonder he brought along so many sets, albeit they’re not brand spanking new, but still.

Everything was looking good so far. But watching it from the outside is nothing compared to being able to actually do the deed. Could I possibly replicate that in some way? You see the plan was for me to start off in the box area, next to the oval. Try and slide the car there first and if Dylan approved, I would be able to progress to the oval for some real sideways action. By no means was I even going to attempt to connect the oval with transitions. I was merely going to try and drift one bend at a time. I am a novice at drifting after all.

Testing done, old tyres removed and the fresh ones fitted. It was now my turn to give it a go. Before I got in, Chevan asked me if my heart was pounding. It wasn’t, but admittedly I was a bit anxious. Helmet strapped on, “go faster” gloves on, I jumped in. I’m used to getting in and out of cars with roll cages, our Twincam has one, but this was a tight fit. My helmet knocking against the roll cage kind of gave it away.

Once in the seat it seemed fine, until I clipped on the removable Sparco steering wheel. The steering was all of a sudden in my face. Literally! Putting my feet on the pedals felt like my knees were touching my ear lobes. I asked Dylan if the seat could retract… “The car was built around me, so, no…” was the answer. It might be the ideal driving position for him, but I felt like I was back in Faizals 125cc super kart. (More on that in the next article.) This is going to be interesting… but I’ll give it a go I thought.

Looking around inside the stripped out interior you notice everything is where it should be. All sorts of gauges are well situated and easy to read, the 6 point 1st Race harness straps you securely into the Bride bucket seats. The suede Sparco deep dished steering wheel looks and feels great in your hands, it’s only a little too close for my liking. Gear selections are slick and firm knowing exactly where they should go thanks to the addition of a short shifter. The hand brake is drift ready so there’s no release button needing to be pressed. A 6 point roll cage surrounds you and even though there are still door panels, you still feel like you’re in a purposed built machine due to the lack of carpet. Right, this is my office, let’s see how I get on with the job.

I try to pull away slowly but immediately there’s a jerk. The clutch pedal is hard and you sense it means business and doesn’t want to be nursed but rather smashed and thrashed. I’m not used to the ACT heavy duty paddle clutch but I gave it a little more gas and off we went. I first drove around the box area slowly to become more aware of my surroundings and know how far the limit of runoff area could be, just in case. Whenever you’re ready, says Dylan. Let’s do this!
Kick the clutch, foot on the gas, a flick of lock and drop the clutch. The 4 cylinder SR20DET revs in delight and the rear tyres scream for mercy. The back end immediately slides out and the steering becomes tight in my hand. I let go and it spins freely in the opposite direction. The arse is out, I need to keep it hanging. Modulate the throttle, control the angle and maintain the slide. Throw in a bit of steering correction here and there… easy peasy, I can do this all day. Ok, maybe not me, I did feel somewhat sorry for the car due to me thrashing it around. But Dylan wanted to hear none of it and was adamant that his car was built for this and no mercy should be shown in its direction. I did a few large drift circles and then stopped to give the car and more myself a quick breather. Try it going in the other direction, said Dylan. OK!

Kick, flick and drop it like it’s hot! This car was clearly built to do naughty stuff all day long and it was loving it, but Ironically, I wasn’t. Let me explain. It comes down to being comfortable. I simply wasn’t. The driving position wasn’t suited to my height and I kept getting distracted by my uneasiness. My right calf muscle eventually started to ache due to the uneasy angle it had to endure, and my helmet was knocking the roll cage/roof. I might be making excuses here but fact of the matter is I simply can’t truly enjoy myself if I’m uneasy. I tried a few figure 8 moves but it just wasn’t working out. I don’t blame the car for that, that just comes down to me catching on crap.

Don’t get me wrong, I did have fun going sideways, but progressing to the oval was a choice I decided I wouldn’t take. Not with someone else’s car, that’s for sale. I decided to call it quits. There was some life left in the tyres so Dylan decided to let me sit shotgun while he showed me how it’s done on the oval. Man oh man was I impressed! I have a new found respect for Dylan, and the rest of the drift guys out there. It’s insane to feel what speeds are achieved going into a corner, only to pull the hand brake and drift around a bend. But that’s nothing! What really blew my mind was the switch. Coming out of one corner going sideways, then flicking the car the other way achieving ludicrous angle when you supposed to be going the other way. I was thinking there’s no way he is going to bring this back. But sure enough, he did! Only to flick the car the other way into the next bend and do it all over again! He makes it look so easy!

Dylan, if I had the cash I would buy your car in a heartbeat! Just one thing, you’re going to have to put that seat on rails buddy!

That’s right readers, as mentioned earlier Dylans insane Nissan Silvia S14 is for sale! Sad for Dylan, but great for you! This is a reliable drift ready car waiting to be taken sideways. Check out the full spec of the car below as well as Dylans contact details.

Check out the video below of how this all went down including a demo by Dylan himself...


Engine & Transmission:
- Fully Blue Printed and Rebuilt SR20DET (Arias forged pistons, ACL bearings, Redline Headgasket and reworked head)
- Nistune Engine Management
- GT2871R Turbo
- 1.2 Bar Boost
- 880cc injectors
- 60mm Throttle Body
- Z32 AFM
- Cone Air filter
- Japspeed Stainless manifold
- 3" Stainless downpipe
- 3" Apex De-Cat
- Braided Turbo Oil and Water lines
- Z32 Fuel Filter
- Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
- 3" straight through exhaust system with 4.5" tip
- HEL braided clutch line
- Sandwich plate for gauges
- ACT heavy duty paddle clutch
- Lightened Flywheel
- Short Shifter
- Strengthened Gearbox front cover
- Auto (low ratio) VLSD Differential
- Custom twin intercooler setup
- Oil Catch Tank

Suspension & Wheels:
- 17" x 9J ET25 Front ROTA Grids Rims Matt Bronze (With 30mm spacers, ET-5)
- 225/45/17 Triangle Tyres
- 17" x 9.5J ET20 Rear ROTA Grids Rims Matt Bronze
- 225/45/17 Triangle Tyres
- BC fully adjustable coilovers
- JIC Magic Adjustable castor arms
- Apex Adjustable camber arms
- Apex Adjustable toe arms
- Apex Adjustable traction arms
- All 3D aligned to developed settings
- Steering rack spacers for extra lock
- Driftworks Polybushes

- Full genuine Final Konnexion bodykit (needs fixing up)
- S14A rear lights
- Rolled arches
- Respray in black
- Downforce Spoiler
- Raised bonnet

- Sparco suede dished steering wheel
- Detachable hub
- Drift handbrake
- Bride bucket seats
- 1st Race 6point Harnesses
- 6 point roll cage
- Custom gauge surround
- Boost Gauge
- Oil Pressure Gauge
- Oil Temp Gauge
- Water Temp Guage
- Fire Extinguisher
- Master Cut Off Switch
- Battery relocated to the boot

Not a cent has been spared on the car and it is an absolute machine. Currently estimated at 250kw+ and 400nm+. The car is built for 300kw+ and is ready for the boost to be turned up. The car comes with many spares, full genuine interior, a separate race shock and spring setup and a set of ROTA drift wheels. All that for a mere R220 000!

If you're interested on buying this machine give Dylan a call on 082 091 2639, or email him

Till next time... Peace out!

RaceMasteR J

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