Posted: 12 November 2013 | Words & images: RaceMasteR J

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So the second annual Good Hope FM Rev Life event is coming up this Saturday at Killarney and it’s promising to be an epic one of note. It’s probably to be this year’s biggest event yet with record breaking numbers at Killarney. Raceweb, along with a few other media houses was invited to a private media launch at the track yesterday to give us a small taster of what’s to be expected.

Good Hope FM treated us like royalty with a full on lounge, a DJ and even waiters walking around serving food and drinks all day. Much appreciated! After a few quick speeches and intro’s it was time to head out on track and get the smoke machines going.

Tommy in his 1J powered S14 was out first and put on an impressive show. It’s funny because we were chatting and it turns out we used to race together back in the days of being young, dumb and full of… well you know the saying. It’s great to see guys like him progress to the levels that they are at now.

Later I got to ride shotgun with him, this is how it went... press play above.

Ready D was out next in, as he says, the most retarded drift car around as it was originally built as a track car. It see’s new livery now and once again, I’m proud to see the guys improve their skills. Ready D is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with on the high speed drift circuit showing off some impressive entry speeds and great angle through the corners. Well done D!

Faizal from Mag Addiction decided to test out his freshly built 2J Hilux bakkie. Somewhat new to taking things sideways is was a great sight to see a bakkie go sideways. I told him he has to at least do a demo or burnout on Saturday as the crowds would absolutely love to see a Hilux bakkie strut its stuff.

But if there’s one man I am truly impressed with it has to be Typie Khan in his 1J powered E30 BMW. I had a close inspection of this car and for what it is, in a semi stock form still, Typie has MAD MAD skills to pull off drifts the way he does. Awesome entry speeds and angle. Typie says he is looking at getting a S13 in the future to up his game, but I say the longer he stays in the E30, the better he will become as a driver.

Teenager Aqeela put on a decent show in her E30 spinning up turn 2 for us. Always great to see more females getting involved in motorsport especially at such young ages.

She was followed by Ready D’s wife, Malikah in her S13 also doing a few spins and drifts.

D was back out but this time practicing some tricks. A multitalented brave man indeed!

The team from Expresso was doing a piece on the event as well. Great chatting to you guys!

But now it was time to see what we all came here to see. European drift champion James Deane took out Noer’s 640BHP Toyota Supra and man oh man was he impressive! He hardly had any time in this car before and he was driving it like he stole it! Insane speed and angle all the way through the corner with clouds of smoke following in his trail.

I eventually managed to get a shotgun ride with him and it was clear to see how skilled this youngster actually is. I absolutely cannot wait for Saturday. It’s going to be an epic battle, in my mind, between James, Jason Webb and Otto Graven. And that’s besides all the other tones of action you’re going to see.

Here's some in car helmet cam footage from the shotgun ride I had. Watch out for the flying camera...

Here's another view from Jame's GoPro. Excuse the "blank" expression on my face during the run.

Make sure you’re at Killarney this Saturday, 16th November for Good Hope FM’s Rev Life 2013! It’s going to be MEGAAA!!! #RevLife13

See you on track!

RaceMasteR J

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