Posted: 10 July 2014 | Press release


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Ernie “Lightning“ Leite and Superbike star Ronald Slamet are two northern suburbs competitors who are expected to shoot the lights out during the fifth round of the Wingfield Motors Power Series at Killarney on Saturday. Anyone who braved the wintery conditions during the most recent meeting will agree that In addition to the exciting racing, the refreshing manner in which it emphasized the talent of certain drivers who for various reasons are often mechanically challenged and outclassed on a dry surface – was another hugely positive feature.

And while Slamet has retained his overall lead in the Superbike championship, Leite was probably even more impressive in the Midas Clubman category. At the wheel of his class C, VW Caddy bakkie, a model designed as a light commercial workhorse, his opposition included the latest in total engineering from BMW and Audi among others and he was down in 22nd place on the starting grid after the final practice session.

But when the heavens opened up at the start, he immediately began using his head more than his accelerator foot as he picked his way carefully through the field. With cars going off the track in all directions it was a magnificent performance. So much so that he briefly led the entire field until having to settle for second when he was passed by Danie van Niekerk’s 325 BMW, shortly before the finish.

While the Midas category has a bye this week, the hyper-enthusiastic Leite will be seen in his low life class D, Fiat 128 Rallye in the Mutlu Battery Classic Car events. Could there be a repeat performance if it rains? But wet or dry, he is going to face up to Vance Kearney’s Capri Perana V8, Anton Rollino (Chev CanAm V8), Chris Carolin (Mazda rotary) and Martin Richards in his super-quick Datsun KB210. It won’t be easy.

The brutal power of the big Masters V8’s, is not conducive to racing in skating rink conditions and with only four of the one-make category able to take the chequered flag last month, the drivers are all going to be on the hunt for points in the coming round.

Much is expected from 18 year old Marco Busi in the Makita Supercar category. The former GTi star will be making his debut in the one-make class and it is going to be interesting to see how he fares. Then with two sleek British Juno sports cars --- including championship leader Francis Carruthers in his new SS7 -- lined up against an array of the best German Porsches in the Big Foot Express Sports and GT events, it’s difficult to predict the winner of this one.

Other events on Saturday are going to include races for the Charl Electrical Eng. Fine Cars and Formula Libre single seaters. Among the two wheelers, the Mike Hopkins Superbikes, as well as the Powersport, Clubman and Classic motorcycles, will all be in action.

We'll see you there!


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