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Honda’s tag line is “The power of dreams”… and in Arno De Beer’s case one of his dreams indeed came true when he acquired his 99 Honda Civic at the tender age of 18. It’s been 5 years now and Arno has been using his Civic as a daily, but a lot has transformed since his first acquisition of the car.

Like any petrol head that has a bit of style and imagination, they endeavor to make their vehicle something special and unique. The initial dream of owning a car was achieved… it was time to make the stock Civic into something only Arno could fathom. It was time to unlock his mind’s potential and make that pipe dream of owning one of the best looking Civics in town a reality.

Like any pipe dream, it initially starts off as an impossible thought and being a teenager at the time it wasn’t looking tangible for the least. But dreams are meant to be pursued and Arno put his mind to his hands and slowly began the process of modifying his car.

He started off by stripping it and giving it a complete respray, which actually helps him today as he does custom panel beating and spraying. Goes to show that you never know what you can actually do till you apply your dreams.

The front bumper has been flushed and see’s a Mugen lip fitted to it as well.

The rear bumper has a standard Type R lip which sits above the Cowley free flow 50mm front to 75mm rear box which ends in a 100mm tailpiece.

The rear wing is standard but has been wrapped in carbon, by Arno, and tilted to give it a meaner look.

The motor is super clean but still standard except for the exhaust and filter additions. The tappet cover is colour coded as well.

The interior has a few unique touches too. White dial surrounds are complimented by the sued door panel inserts. The seats were stock when we shot the car but have since seen a full recovering in black and white check cloth. It is also fitted with the mandatory ICE being a Starsound head unit, Starsound tweeters and 400w mids, 1000w Kenwood Typhoon sub and 4 channel gold edition Ice Power amp.

Everything on this car has been done by Arno including the suspension which see’s a camber kit tuck the 16” BBS rims under those arches rather nicely. This is Arno’s 5th set of rims now, which I personally think should be the last as I don’t think anything else could look any better. The BBS rims are wrapped in Falken 195/45/16 on the front and 215/40/16 at the rears.

This car is the love of Arno’s life! He basically grew up with it and raised it at the same time. The power of the mind is a wonderful thing, especially when you can see the resulting reality of your once upon a time pipe dream.

A special thanks to Arno for making sure his car was super duper clean and the guys at Kuilsriver Engineering for the use of their premises.


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