Posted: 23 December 2013 | Story by Nish | Photography by: Otis J. Gore


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This story should actually begin with "once upon a time". Way back when there were three brothers who were obsessed with Alfa Romeo’s. The Alfa Giulietta's they owned weren't any ordinary models. These three Giulietta's belonged in their own permanent car show. They were daily drivers which were also pristine show cars.

When parked at racing events, they received the sort of attention only reserved for supercars. These beauties would constantly be surrounded by droolers and gawkers for as long as they were parked.

Hard to believe that was 15 years ago… so fast forward to today and two of the brothers no longer have their beloved Giulietta's. They have however had many Alfas since then and even a Maserati. But this brings us to where they are now. Being fans of everything Italian, all roads eventually lead to the ultimate Italian dream car.

Ferrari’s, almost everyone dreams of owning any model. For Moeneeb and Shameeg of Alfa Bodyworks that time had come in the form of a 430 and 360 respectively. Shameeg stole a line out of "the pursuit of function" when he told me that he just couldn't drive a stock car as it wasn't in his nature.

Moeneeb’s black 2006 model F430 is dazzling to look at from any angle, but then again, which Ferrari isn’t? This one is a little different to most F430’s though. A few subtle changes accent the car dramatically compared to any other.

With him owning the car for only about a year, he has already added Scuderia stripes, fitted a Tubi exhaust system to the 4.3L 360kW V8, lowered it with an H&R lowering kit and the most dramatic change of all, slapped on a set of massive 20 inch ADV-1 rims which are wrapped in Michelin rubber.

Of the two, this F430 is the more executive looking. But being all black, stealth is not achievable in any situation. This is the kind of car you’d want to wear a Hugo Boss suit to drive it.

With Shameeg’s 360, a different kind of suit comes to mind, an Alpine Stars racing suit! Everything about this car says RACE! We love what he’s done with it.

From a stock 360 to this Stradale look alike.

Of the two this one is clearly more customized. But every mod done very tastefully. Being a 2000 year model and the older brother of the two cars it still has that “Like a boss” stance to it. In order to get that Shameeg started off with similar mods as the F430, but only took it to a whole new level. He did the usual “rim and a drop” with the 20inch ADV-1 rims and H&R lowering kit.

But then went on to fitting a full Stradale body kit which includes front and rear bumpers with carbon fibre rear diffuser, carbon side mirrors, carbon rear window inserts, Stradale stripes, Stradale rear mesh grill and a custom made rear boot lid which was manufactured in house at Alfa Bodyworks which you’d never be able to tell that it wasn’t a genuine Ferrari part.

Don’t forget about the full carbon inserts in the engine bay which is clearly visible to the entire world through its glass top window. The catalytic converters were removed and a Tubi exhaust system was fitted to finish off the screams of its 3.6L 300kW V8.

One thing that unfortunately cannot be described with mere words is the sound of both cars. Demonic is the word I used, possessed is the word Otis used.

Where the boys go from here though, that is the question? But whatever is next for the Alfa Bodyworks boys, we need not worry, it will be car nirvana.


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