17 September 2012 | Words: RaceMasteR J | Photos: MR Photography
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The kpgc10 or “Hakosuka” is one of THE most famous Skylines to date. Its rich racing heritage and unique looks make it a very special car even in today's times. Its raw straight six naturally aspirated motor still gives petrol heads goose bumps. While it is a rare sight in South Africa, it might not be as rare on a smaller scale.

This Fujimi Takahashi kpgc10 was built by Raees Amien. A model builder from Cape Town that is indeed a petrol head but particularly on a smaller scale. As he is a huge Japanese car fan it was only right that he built one of these bad boys but adding his own flair to make it a little more unique. So what has he done?

Well he said that the Skyline stands for a true race car. Its raw feel and power is a proper driver’s car. With this in mind he wanted to keep that essence of raw and purity in the model but adding a bit of style as well.

The original racing stripes were kept on the car but were made to look as if they were peeling off. This along with the bare metal paint give the car an aggressive and menacing look which the car deserves.

It was also put to the ground with a set of SSR mk2 wheels. The colour combination works really well considering the car comes from 1969.

The interior got the same raw feel to it with only one seat and fully stripped out. Just to add a little bit extra one of the gauges were made to look like it was ripped out. Like Raees says: "It’s the small details that make a model extra special."

Here's the specs of the model:

Kit: Fujimi
Wheels: Aoshima ssr mk2 with stretched tyres.
Paint: Bare metal finish with blue decals.
Interior: Blue roll cage, new racing seat with seatblets, kevlar dash with ripped gauge, bare metal paint.
Suspension: Dropped, exhaust custom made to fit.
Extra's: Metal number plates.

RaceMasteR J.


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