Posted: 14 November 2013 | Press Release

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The sweet smell of racing fuel is in the air as we announce to all petrol-heads and Sim gamers the inaugural G-Force Challenge. The only event that will see racers compete for the title over two racing disciplines in the form of Simulation Racing & Karting, with the prizes valued at over R10 000.

Open to the public, the event will take the racers through a tough qualifying phase, where only the top 10 individuals will make it into the final. Once you’re in the final, you will be set to battle man and machine for the grand prize and The G-Force Challenge Champion title for 2013.

Each person entering the challenge will be required to set a qualifying lap time during one of the 5x Qualification Heat sessions. You will be allowed 3x laps per entry. Your fastest lap is your ticket to successes. To qualify for the final, your best lap time will need to take one of the top 10-slots available.

Remember, faster times might still be posted that could force you out of the Top-10, so make sure you give it some gas!
If you get displaced from a previous top 10 spot, you may re-enter the challenge to try and set a better time, if any heats are still open for entry.

The Final:

After the final qualify heat sessions, the leader board will be updated to confirm the Top-10 slots. The Top-10 will be contacted by G-ForceSim for confirmation of their qualification for the final, to take place on 21-December at Century Karting, Canal Walk, Cape Town.


Racing Simulators will be provided by G-ForceSim:
- G-ForceSim Pro Race Rig: Light weight racing seat mounted on a space frame.
- G27 Steering Wheel: Full Force Feedback, vibration, 900-degrees of turning
- Ancillaries: Racing pedals & gear shifter
Karts will be supplied and run by Century Karting.

Qualifying HEATS
- Heat(1) 15 & 16Nov
- Heat(2) 22 & 23 Nov
- Heat(3) 29 & 30 Nov
- Heat(4) 6 & 7 Dec
- Heat(5) 13 & 14 Dec
- Final: 21 Dec

Canal Walk Shopping Centre - Century Karting - Mezzanine Parking Area

Rules & Regulations:
1) The competition is open to all members of public.
2) There are no age limits; however individuals below the age of 14 must have the consent of a parent or guardian to participate.
3) The event will be managed by G-ForceSim in conjunction with Century Karting. All equipment will be supplied by both G-ForceSim and Century Karting. No modifications or change out of equipment, hardware or software will be allowed, unless the management of the event deem so necessary.
4) The car settings will be fixed for all, as to ensure fairness amongst all competitors.
5) One entry buys you 3x laps on the qualifying circuit.
6) You are allowed to enter as many times as you like, however there will need to break up your entries between times, as no more than 4 laps per turn will be allowed. There must be a switch of drivers or a break after you complete the 4 laps.
7) Always have at least two wheels on the track or your time will not count. The curb is not the track. Disqualification will be applied if you cheat.
8) Terms & conditions will apply

How to Enter:
- The challenge is open to any member of public wanting to give it a go!
- Places will be available on a first come first serve basis.
- Entries cost R20
- Reserve your spot or arrive on the day at the venue
- To reserve a spot, mail: and say “ I want to race”


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