14 October 2013 | Story by: Nicholas Abrahams| Photos by: Otis J. Gore | Location: Killarney Race Track


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As a child I always wanted to own a red Ferrari because Magnum had one. As a teenager I wanted one because James Crockett( Miami Vice) had a new one in every season and was also the reason for not wearing socks for a year.

Yesterday I decided that I must have one because they’re just so flipping cool.

They look awesome, sound better and let’s not even get into the clothing available.

Ferrari became more than just an automobile, it has finally dawned upon me that it’s a way of life. Now as profound as it might sound it became a truth to me at the place these cars and people are at home.

Typically the perception of a Ferrari Owner is one of success and above normal wealth. This also lends itself to sometimes expecting an almost unapproachable person and almost rude unfriendly demeanour.

In contrast I was very pleasantly surprised by the warmth those that came to spectate were received and complete strangers were being invited by drivers for shotgun rides all morning.

The amount of cars is about the only thing that was disappointing but the assortment was awesome. There were only about 20 plus cars in total but all my personal favourites.

The 308gts is where most Ferrari love affairs have begun and the 2 examples seemed still almost new. Somebody brought along a 575 topless version that I believe is only the second best convertible modern day Ferrari next to the California which also had only one example on display but made the model proud.

It was the only car with exposed genuine Ferrari carbon bits all over its body just covering what it needed to for some weight reduction as she still seemed a little heavy around the track after the diet.

I only was able to catch one 355 who some call a baby Ferrari in the inner circle but crawling seemed furthest from its mind around the track. I believe it was also fitting with an upgrade exhaust system and I am positive our friendly neighbours to the track had something to say about it.

Hats off to our photographer Otis for taking these amazing shots... Doesn't this look like it's straight out of Forza? Unreal!

The car that seems to be stealing the show no matter where it goes did not disappoint as I think there were 8 stunning 458’s on track... where they belong. Extra genitals must be standard from Ferrari when ordering this model because I swear all the owners were hanging them out there on every bend.

Not one 458 pussy footed around the track at any time of the morning and was awesome to see how money was being well spent.

A blue 458...rare indeed!

The first FF I have ever seen was also not lazy around the track and if those Lotto numbers of mine ever come in I think that would be the first choice as the family wagon.

Speaking of family ,two brothers who have been on the car scene for many years have also acquired some very tasty machines and definitely raised an eyebrow at their arrival but the article to follow in a few weeks will reveal all so please watch out for that...



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