16 August 2012| Images by: Tauriq Abrahams & Shawaal Davids | Story by: Jason Sasman.

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Balance, in the automotive sense, has always been the goal of many, as it embodies the ultimate in all round enjoyment. And to be able to get such balance is not easy. For Mubeen Sahib, this has been a four-year journey. Mubeen always knew that he wanted his latest project to embody the ultimate poise, a combination of raw power with soft styling, shining vividly without being outspoken, having race-edged performance with luxurious comfort.

This 2001 Laguna Blue E46 M3 is the end result of painstaking methodical planning and preparation, starting with simple software upgrades and carbon-fibre intake, to de-cat exhaust and short shifter transmission. It wasn’t long after all that that Mubeen consulted with Zaid from BMW specialist and tuners, Zeemax, to formulate a recipe to create his dream ride.

A Supercharger conversion was chosen, as the owner felt this would be far more reliable and drivable for daily use than a turbocharger, as it maintained the cars instant responsiveness, albeit that much more powerful. All parts required were ordered from Active Auto in the UK. Parts included the supercharger kit, intercooler and piping, clutch and methanol kit. Before the parts even arrived the 3.2 engine was stripped, ceramic coated and reassembled and then balanced to rotational perfection. By the time the engine rebuild was completed, the parts had arrived and were duly added in their respective places. All gases exiting the engine do so via the custom Schnitzer duel exhaust system.

With the engine side of things taken care of, the heavy duty clutch was fitted, giving the 6 forward gears plenty of grip and transfer capability to put power to tar, without any hassles. The cars centre of gravity was put closer to mother earth with the help of an Eibach lowering kit. And to complete the sleek look of the car, a set of rare 19” inch M3 CSL rims were fitted to super sticky Yokohama Advan tyres in 30 profile all round, handling would not be problem for those super lightweight and super strong wheels. Brakes consist of drilled disks at each corner of the car, giving them a sharp and instant feel; brake fade would now be nothing more than a thought.

The exterior was also treated to a “Ying-Yang” ideology of balance, with the bright Laguna Blue assaulting the eyes, Mubeen painstakingly blacked out the chrome grill and gills of the car, smoke tinting the head and tail lights, and finished off with black side mirrors and “panoramic-style” blackened roof, contradicting the luminescent paintwork, thus putting the bodywork at perfect ends of the scale between light and dark. A carbon fibre lip was moulded on to the front bumper to further enhance the darken mood of the car, as well as add much needed aerodynamic functionality at high speed. At the other end, a matching roof spoiler above the rear window completes the external symmetry.

The interior remains standard for the most part, as it encompasses a good balance of comfort and luxury mixed with race look and sporty function, as can be seen in the cars wood grain and SAT NAV encrusted dashboard, and electronically adjustable race-like seats and thick grip steering wheel, respectively.
The end result of Mubeen’s painstaking planning and attention to detail towards his goal of creating the ultimate all round performance, style and luxury car has been met, resulting in 337kw and 570nm at the wheels (at only 0.5bar boost), as tested on the Zeemax dyno at the beginning of this year. And due to its high power output, its diet strictly consists of +100 octane Avgas and Methanol injection mix.

Driver estimations put the car currently at low to mid 11sec on the quarter mile, and the ability to easily clock 330km/h on top end. Having taken a ride in the car myself, I can very much vouch for those figures, as this car paralyses your facial muscles on pull away, and then instantly switches to zero traction with the change of a gear, sending you from one end of the traction grid to the complete opposite in seconds.

As mentioned before, the amazing balance this car strikes makes is more than just a straight line speed or quarter mile car, she can handle better than the rest of them on a full race track, and has readily partaken in many track days, ending very high up on the finishing grid.

Mubeen is currently very happy with the cars all round performance and sees no need to add anything more, so he is rather enjoying the car as he does, on a daily basis. Future plans have already come to mind for the owner, but not for this one, as it has completed its journey to where it should be, according to Mubeen, he now has his eye on a E92 M3 in the very near future, and I have been assured that the E92 M3 will also be treated to his unique formulation to make it better than it already is. Raceweb will definitely be looking out for the new project, and bring it to you first.

After our chat, I glance back at the darkened Laguna Blue beast, and amaze myself at all the detail and work that has gone into making it the perfectly balanced machine I see before me, so true to form, that it perfectly embodies the ultimate in equilibrium.

- Jason


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