Posted 19 February 2014 | Press release by: Be Driven


Finally for motor car enthusiast be it classic cars, drag racing or if you simply have an interest in the latest news on motoring then this news will catch your attention. Deen TV is launching a brand new motoring series called “Be Driven”. “The 30 minute TV show is set to be a fast paced, cutting edge series which seeks to cover the latest events and news in the motoring world”, said Farouk Arieff, The Channels Board Chairman.

The first episode of the new Motoring Series Called Be Driven has gone into production, says Mu-atham Sulaiman, Deen TV’s series producer. The crew braced absolute scorching hot weather conditions on the Killarney track filming the first review segment of the series which is set to create a huge buzz in motoring journalism in South Africa. The first exciting review entails the locally manufactured Spartan 7 and Spartan Trike vehicles which was put through their paces on the Track. The series is hosted by Ernest Page and Dexter Bruce, no newcomers to the motoring industry.

The series content is being managed by Junaid Hamid, Chief editor of Raceweb, a popular motoring publication in South Africa. “The opportunity to work together with a channel such as Deen TV to produce a local motoring show is a life- long dream and challenge I could not refuse. Motorsport in South Africa is in dire need of added exposure and a general spot light which we aim to provide to the Deen TV audience and beyond”, said Junaid.

The series is expected to hit the airwaves at the end of April this year and is being produced in-house.

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