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We recently had the privilege to pick the brain of someone we all dream of being, someone who gets to drive some of the best cars in the world, on the best race track in the world, the Nurburgring in Germany. While most of us only get to experience this awesome track virtually in games like Gran Turismo, Antony Ashley does this daily as his job.

Working for a company called RSR Nurburg, Antony is not only the manager but also a driving instructor. RSR Nurburg has an awesome fleet of cars which can be rented out for laps around the Ring, from Renault Clio’s to Ferrari’s, McLaren’s, BAC Mono’s, Nissan GTR’s… to name a few. To add to this, they are not only based at the Ring, but have a secondary branch about 100km’s away at Spa, yet another awesome world class F1 circuit.

The video interview is about 26 minutes long, but that doesn’t even cover half the stories and experiences Antony had to say. I could honestly listen to him for days. The average person might think I’m crazy, but for someone like myself who is very passionate about motorsport and being a driving instructor for Fantastic Racing, it’s an absolute pleasure to know someone like Mr. Ashley. What also makes me proud is the fact that Antony is a local boy from Cape Town. Living the dream!

After winning last year, Antony will be continuing to race in the VLN series at the Ring in a Porsche Cayman. Antony, we wish you all the best for your racing season! Make us proud boytjie!

After the interview, myself, Dylan Cothill - who is also a fellow Capetonian living in Australia as an advanced driving instructor, Antony and his cousin Greg decided to hit the Karting track at Kenilworth Karting for some laps. I popped the Gopro on my helmet and we had an absolute blast on track. Check it out below. Antony managed to go quickest from all of us with a time of 19.610. Well done!

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