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We were recently invited to check out the newly renovated workshop of the Fataar brothers from Alfa Bodyworks in Athlone Industria. Since we haven’t seen them in ages a visit was highly overdue and we were keen to check out the much talked about workshop for a tour.

Alfa Bodyworks was established in 1997 by Moeneeb and Shameeg and specialize exclusively in the fields of panel beating, chassis straightening and spray-painting. They are member of SAMBRA which see's them have the highest possible grading for bodywork repairs.

The reception area were customers can have hot or cold beverages while they wait.

You can't help but notice all the certificates and approvals hanging on the walls all around you.

Alfa Bodyworks is committed to supreme, first-class workmanship and customer service and satisfaction. They aim to provide the best possible service, complemented with efficiency, and to give you first time, excellent quality repairs. Thriving on perfection, they expect only the best standards of work from themselves on each individual job.

This is where the big deals get done, upstairs in the board room which overlooks the workshop.

Their workshop uses only the latest and most advanced equipment of the finest quality, from the initial stripping to the final paintjob. This gives them a significant cutting edge and raises them above their competitors. Their dedication to excellence is demonstrated by the technology they implement in their work.

One of the only panel shop around to have more than 11 courtesy vehicles.

Alfa Bodyworks workmanship is recognised by most major insurance companies. They also work closely with various dealerships and have factory approvals from all major manufacturers. They are also on the panels of all major insurance companies.

Gone are the days of guess work. Everything is controlled electronically for absolute accuracy.

Their staff are highly trained and vastly experienced, and thus all repair work is second to none. They believe in team unity and work ethic, taking pride in their work and producing a fine, unwavering standard of service for their clients. They offer a life time guarantee on paintwork and a 36-month guarantee on workmanship.

What's this?! A glass box with wooden floors which house two of Moeneeb's most prizes possessions. His Alfa Romeo 156 race car and an Alfa Romeo Julia.

Absolutely gorgeous! Have a look at the gallery at the end of the article for more pics of these beauties.

Besides craftsmanship of the highest standard, Alfa Bodyworks take great pride in streamlining their work place. That starts with the immaculate and pristine condition and upkeep of their workshop.

Ever heard of the term "men in white coats"...? Well this is where you'd find them. This place is more operating theatre than workshop.

The workshop booths are organized and configured from one stage to the next for maximum efficiency and output.

A Jaguar E-Type. Now if you know anything at all about a car like this, you'd know just how good Alfa Bodyworks are to be able to work on cars like these. This one in particular came in for a full respray.

They are passionate about repairing cars, which is their primary objective and would like to stay firmly focused on their goals with no added distractions.

Yet another priceless classic which was given the full treatmeant by the Alfa boys.

Moeneeb is a qualified spray painter with 18 years of experience in panel beating, customization work and spray painting. His exceptional reputation in the industry was secured through building show vehicles.

Moeneeb’s hands-on approach and overall know how and experience guarantees excellence.

Like his brother, Shameeg is a qualified panel beater and has years of experience in the industry thus bringing exceptional quality and workmanship to Alfa Bodyworks.

This is the collection area where happy customers get to see their cars after the Alfa treatment.

Alfa Bodyworks expanded in November 2006 by moving from their previous premises around the corner to this one. The current workshop which was renovated earlier this year operates in the newly expanded space of 3000 sq/m's. It features all the latest world class state of the art equipment and technology requirements. They have invested in the future to maximize their methodical capabilities.

Clearly this customer was having a bit too much fun in his 86. Alfa Bodyworks to the rescue!

Besides the awesome customer vehicles which can be found here you are bound to see some of the brothers own vehicles like this insanely immaculate Alfa 3.0 GTV V6.

It was truly an eye opener and privilege to be able to go behind the "yellow lines" and view firsthand what happens behind the scenes at one of the country’s best body shops. It's clear to see the passion and commitment that the brothers have for their work as it's visible in all forms when at their workshop.

We would like to thank the entire team at Alfa Bodyworks for showing us around and we wish them all the best for the future. As for these two machines in the pic above, hold your horses, there's a full feature coming your way soon!

Have a look at the rest of the gallery below for more pics of the workshop. For more info visit their website here.

RaceMasteR J

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