Posted: 11 June 2014 | Story: Nicholas Abrahams | Photos: RaceMasteR J & Chevan Davids

Since the conception of the Toyota 86 it has grown in just over the last two years to become an almost overnight cult classic. Development is happening in almost every major motoring nation across the globe and it was very apparent at SEMA 2013.

We saw more than 50 examples of the 86 last year in literally all shapes, colours and race code readiness. The aftermarket gods are truly smiling on this car but reality kicked in and I realised that the conservative South African market would take years to get to this level if at all.

I was rudely and pleasantly surprised by Jacques Blom’s labour of love. Now I have seen some pretty nice examples of 86 in local magazines and on the streets of Cape Town, but this SEMA quality build is inspiring to look at.

This car is the difference between WWE and UFC, it’s got the go to match the show. I must be honest, at first glance I did not notice all the work done to the exterior but 3 or 10 spins around the car opens your eyes to a well matched Seibon carbon bonnet to wrapped bits and pieces.

A lot of standard factory TRD trim was used but the game changer must be the ML24 Body kit.

BC Coil-overs have also been installed to help with getting sideways action under control faster in breakout situations.

The wide front and rear arches are also filled with rather wide ADV 19inch wheels which seem necessary to keep everything in a straight line.

Under the bonnet everything was on its place and spinning the rear wheels reliably the owner says. The turbo plant is a G-Reddy turbo kit with airflow redone by Power Flow.

A front mounted intercooler shows itself slightly and it’s all controlled by believe it or not by a remapped standard computer. Power with current setup is 175KW and 320NM at the wheels at only 0.5 bar boost. That’s around 200kw’s on the flywheel. Numbers will rise soon with the arrival of the new computer and upping of the boost (can’t wait to see that). [The boost was just upped to 0.8bar – So yes now we really have to visit Jacques once more. - ED]

Ernest Page, our Be Driven TV presenter got behind the wheel and gave this 86 a shakedown. This is what he had to say about it…

“The Turbo Charged 86 is what a lot of owners and enthusiasts have been demanding of Toyotas compact sports car. The only real qualm anyone can truly level at the 86 is the lack of power from the flat four boxster engine. Is this version better than the standard 86? Yes and no. The standard car is so perfectly balanced it would be hard for anyone to improve on the formula.

[Continued] The modded car looks better, goes better, grips more and if speed is what you’re after the sprint to the next corner is loads more fun than its standard baby brother. All these additions create a curious dichotomy. What was once an enjoyable “chuckable” car on any street is now a track car that needs to be pushed a bit harder to be enjoyed. It’s not an improvement; it’s a transformation! Check out Be Driven for the video and a full review of this superb turbo charged 86.”

So it seems that we are not behind at all and hope that the rest of the 86 and BRZ drivers become more inspired by Jacques and take the next step so these cars can reach its true potential. Check out the rest of the gallery and some behind the scenes shots from the Be Driven shoot.


toyota_86_ml24_turbo_001 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_002 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_003 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_004 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_005
toyota_86_ml24_turbo_006 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_007 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_008 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_009 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_010
toyota_86_ml24_turbo_011 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_013 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_015 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_016 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_017
toyota_86_ml24_turbo_018 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_019 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_020 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_021 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_022
toyota_86_ml24_turbo_025 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_026 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_027 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_028 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_029
toyota_86_ml24_turbo_030 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_031 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_032 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_033 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_034
toyota_86_ml24_turbo_035 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_036 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_037 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_039 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_040
toyota_86_ml24_turbo_041 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_042 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_043 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_044 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_045
toyota_86_ml24_turbo_046 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_047 toyota_86_ml24_turbo_048    

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