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This Sierra was the heart and soul of South African bred Ford Performance, it’s a beast brought back to life from the 80’s. By Jason Sasman. Photography by Tauriq Abrahams.

We have all heard those mysterious and mystical stories of the unknown and inexplicable. Phenomenon that have been seen by only a few, some lucky enough to survive and tell the tales thereof. Anything from Bigfoot sightings, Werewolves, Loch Ness and more. They all speak of entities or beings of immense power and ferocity, able to terrify the soul with just a mere glance.

We also find that, for the most part, there are similarities in the automotive world. With stories of “I’m sure I saw a…” or “have you ever heard of the legendary…” from someone that claims to have encountered such a rarity, but as with any good legend it’s rarely ever actually seen. But sometimes, just sometimes, you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse yourself and maybe even get a few snaps of it… like we did. This monstrosity, the South African designed and built Ford Sierra Cosworth XR8 is as rare as they come, as this one is not only a beast in the flesh, but also sports the legendary ‘Cosworth’ racing colour scheme across its flanks, etched into its ‘skin’ like that on the body of a brave Maori warrior, earned over time for acts of great courage and bravery.

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