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Wild Horse

Just like the horse, which is a living symbol of the historic pioneering spirit of the west, the Ford Mustang has equally enriched the lives of petrol heads in numerous ways with “herds” being found worldwide ranging in many different shapes and colours. Here’s a fine example of this cult classic, it just so happens to belong to my brother Richie, and here’s its story. By Zed Richards. Photography by RaceMasteR J & Zed.

Thinking back, Richie’s story and love for big power started way back in his days as a youngster when he took a Datsun 120Y and modified the hell out of it. Clearly it didn’t stop there! Years later, he realized he was actually a Ford man and bought his very first American muscle car, a 1965 Fastback! Just like the famous Ellinore from Gone in 60 seconds, this was also a vicious beast of a car! Being heavily modified it was a pure monster to drive! Sooner or later he eventually got rid of it as it wasn’t quite what he was looking for. He ended up with a 1965 coupe instead. This one was a pure beauty; I still remember installing the sound system in it! But I think after a while and once everything was done on her, he got bored and sold that one too. I regret not offering to take it off his hands at the time. But I think after the one time I got to drive it, I nearly gave Richie a heart attack by flooring it while checking for traffic on the wrong side – being a left hand drive…. (You had to be there) and yes there were cars in the way! So the chance of him selling it to me was slim… and I had the cash too! Dammit!

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