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From highway to drift track, this high powered import is always ready to light up its rear tyres! Tonight, vandalising the mother city. By Jason Sasman. Photography by Tauriq Abrahams.

Amber lights fly past us as we reach triple digit numbers on the speed ometer. The howl of the boosted strait six letting all know that she still has a lot more in reserve, ready to be unleashed with only the slightest dab of the accelerator. The broken lines on the highway have now become one solid line, we are moving at the speed of light. The throaty burble of the custom 76mm exhaust echo’s in the chilled city air. This is how you attack the Wangan at night, in a fully tricked out R33 Skyline.

Wangan is the Japanese term for “Bayshore highway”; it’s a popular expression amongst the Asian streetracers as it has become the proving ground or benchmark for any high-powered wannabe. If you reach or exceed 200mph, your worthy of becoming a Wangan Knight, an elite club made up only of the best. Similar to games and movies popularized around the world such as ‘Midnight Club’ and ‘Wangan midnight’. This is exactly the scenario that we were after in this awesome and rare Skyline GTS-t.

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