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Screamin Eagle

So you think you can go fast in a straight line on two wheels? The average 600cc does an 11-11.3 second quarter mile. The average 1000cc does a quatermile in 10 seconds! And that is quick! By Zed Richards. Photography by Tauriq Abrahams.

However! If you really want to go at blistering speeds and feel the g-force of fighter jet pilot, you might want get yourself a purpose built Harley Davidson! To be precise a SCREAMIN EAGLE V-ROD DESTROYER! Sure it costs the same as an apartment in Claremont! But who cares about cost when you’re the fastest in Cape Town and have the biggest trophy cabinet! This Harley will tear the skin off your face if you’re not careful…. 0-100kmh is a blink of an eye, 100-200kmh in a quick crack of the throttle.
This 1300cc generates 131.5nm @ 7600rmp, with a 75mm Stroker Crankshaft, 105mm big bore high compression pistons, 58mm throttle bodies, high flow headers with oversized valves… no wonder it needs a wheelie bar! You might just take off from Killarney and land at Kyalami Raceway without even knowing it! It has an estimated quarter mile time of 6.991! Try doing that on your Superbike!

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