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Custom made, custom paid, for the genes of good looks it all seems to be born custom. By Zed Richards Photography by Tauriq Abrahams & Zed Richards.

The only guy that can control this beast is it’s owner and creator!
Mentioned previously, this Busa is not for the faint hearted as you will need nerves and balls of steel to handle this dragon powered beast! Fully customized, from paintwork, to wheels, to engine… especially the engine! A unique turbo conversion that doesn’t spend more time at the mechanic than it does on the road! You will see the ‘Red Dragon’ at most shows, park offs and motor events. Not just a pretty face, but a monster that will have you for breakfast as well! This Busa is not afraid to show the brute power it has to unleash! Have you ever heard a growl and purr all at the same time?

Well with this machine you will hear it all. The engine growl through the exhaust and the purr from the wastegate, harmoniously making a sound like no other! Once the sound grabs your attention, your eyes will feast on the candy apple and chrome finishing, custom spayed wheels, flame discs, braided hoses, custom grip (no comment…), custom seat and so much more!

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