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TSi: Tarmac Terrorist

With more gauges than a light aircraft, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re about to take off as gravity sucks your ass into the seat crevice, only to unceremoniously spit you out again as Duncan throws anchor. That’s just the tyre warmup, find leverage quick and brace yourself by any means necessary, its going to be one hell of a ride… By Nashrene Schloss. Photography by RaceMasteR.

Life’s too short to drive an ugly car, and while this VW GTI MK2 remains intentionally understated and meticulously neat, custom arches hovering over 10 inches of soft groove-less tyre give indication to her true intent. All pretence of mediocrity falls away when the ignition is switched and the pedal action brings forth the distinctive force induced hiss, the auditory note alone will send shivers down your spine.

13 by 10 inch’s of Carrera rubber work overtime in conjunction with Koni fully adjustable Coilovers to provide the 485nm of torque with sufficient grip to keep the yellow beast on the black stuff, whilst braking and turning on demand in an impossibly fluid motion. And turn she does, for her powerful acceleration is exceeded only by her ability to bend around any corner like a double jointed pole dancer in heat. 250 kilowatts provide liftoff, and the Toyota 4AGZE super charger is more than adequate to eliminate lag while the T63 hybrid turbo spools up to provide the climatic boost.

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