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It’s not often you get an amusement ride and jungle gym all rolla’d into one, but while it’s less Cobra and more Shells that doesn’t make it any less of a crowd pleaser. Photography by Benny & RaceMasteR J.

It may be a man’s world but rules are nothing if not meant to be broken and the only guidelines this nonconformist abides by are her own. Nashrene Schloss has been keeping male ego’s in check for a long time, with over 100 racing events and more than 130 trophies cluttering her heavily laden shelves.

Just another Toyota isn’t it?, or is it more the pairing of the diminutive driver behind the wheel of this pristine pearl jade Corolla that catches the eye. This Toy has character if nothing else, the 20v throttles give a distinctive growl and the 123kw/190nm unleash enough horses to stride her down the 1/4 mile in 14.8 seconds. As with everything else in life performance is relative, hence I’m pretty impressed and while drags is merely a sideline her preferred playground is the gymkhana.

Nash is one of the stronger contenders, causing her peers to question their manhood on a regular basis. Always 1st in her class and usually in the top 10 overall, her best result to date being 4th overall out of 69 in Langebaan, this accomplished with some impressive handling skills in the pouring rain which equalised the playing field against the force induced protagonists. She literally bends that car around obstacles at will, with only 3 wheels desperately clutching the tar a common occurrence. Koni fully adjustable coilovers, 450 pound H&R springs, Castor plates, a strut brace and flaccid rubber by means of semi or full slicks provide the means to this end. The car’s dexterity is well suited for Gymkhana (as is hers) and ask anyone with too much money and not enough cents, this game is not about how much power you have but how you handle it that counts. Are you man enough?

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