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Just like the singer, this unique Ballade is sexy as hell...but don’t think, not even for a second, that this sweet ride couldn’t knock your teeth out with a right hook to the jaw. By Jason Sasman . Photography by Divan Shepherd.

In the custom car world we find that pink is a very unusual colour, one that we don’t see around too often. Used incorrectly pink can cause temporary blindness or nausea, thus only the brave and those with exceptional taste have the insight needed in order to pull it of correctly. Luckily the owner of this killer ride has both, plus, the driver also just happens to be as girl

Meet Aneesa Hoosen, a long time custom car enthusiast and Honda fan. The completed project we see standing before us today has quite a bit of ‘man-hours’ invested in it. Though hard work, perseverance and the right connections Aneesa has managed to give Cape Town one of the most desirable “Femme Fatal” rides to ever grace our humble streets.

This unique ride started out life as a 1999 model Honda 180i, in the factory issued Silver paintwork, it just needed her stylish touch. Aneesa had only just taken ownership of the Honda when the prep work began. This was to become an extreme makeover...and would require going ‘balls to the wall’ (no pun intended).Firstly, it was to get a full strip down and then respray in an eye-pleasing “Black Magic” colour that if done correctly would make the ride a sweet sight to behold. This task was undertaken by Amien of Amien Isaacs, and as the pics indicate, a brilliant job was done of that.

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