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As we move forward…our technology is getting faster, more powerful and smaller…welcome then, to the world of Nanotechnology. Photography by Tauriq Abrahams.

It seems our salvation indeed lay in the vast untapped resources of “smaller”. In the past, we have seen the ‘environment unfriendly’, ‘fuel regardless’ creations of oversized ‘abominations’ in the form of gas guzzling cars with at least 8 cylinders up front that not only used up an entire Arabian states oil reserves when nipping off to the shops to buy a loaf of bread, but also killed an entire population of baby Panda’s in the process of manufacturing its door handles. Surely this would all end very badly! And so it did.

The need to go small has become quite big business. We see it in the scientific and medical fields with nanotechnology that aids them in anything from viewing humans on a molecular level to even performing complicated procedures from the inside. In military applications, entire populations can be overrun with Nano-bots (robots no bigger than a red blood cell) disrupting communication, disarming weapons and so on, and the enemy wouldn’t even see it coming. Amazing indeed that smaller is infact better.

So, with the onset of a peaking recession, rising fuel costs, hairy environmentalists and ludicrous new vehicle prices a new trend has been born on the automotive tuning side of things as well, the Super Compact.

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