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Lightning quick 189HP Suz

Now we all think our bikes are fast, be it quarter mile or top end. But this Suz is something special!
With what could be called “minimal mods” and some trick bits this Suz is very fast! Dare I say it? The fastest quarter mile bike in Cape Town? By Zed Richards. Photography by RaceMasteR J.

The bike was originally set up for the dry Jozi climate and needed some changes to run at its best in Cape Town, they obviously not going to tell us what those changes are, but we did manage to find out what was done to the bike! Or this is what we’ve been told was done to the bike… the only engine modification was the gas flowed head, staggered ram tubes and a lockup clutch. Taking the power from 164HP to 189HP! Is that possible? Apparently so! The rest is basically what any other biker would do that wants that little bit of an edge. The BMC filter, Power commander 5 with auto tuner and quick shifter. Then a custom extended swing arm, light weight carbon fiber BST wheels and full race kit were added. Dammit!

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