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Some of you already know him as a young South African drifting sensation, and some of you may not, but if you were at the recent Wheels of Fury drift event at Killarney, you would most definitely be familiar with the name Jason Webb.

Jason, who is originally from Cape Town but currently resides in Joburg, impressed the masses with his awesomely talented driving skills. Competing in the current SupaDrift Series, Jason who is 17
years old goes up against guys more than twice his age and shows them who’s boss. Son of well known car guru Speedy Webb, going
fast pumps through his veins. His middle name is Ayrton Senna, enough said! We caught up with Jason a while back for a quick chat, here’s what he had to say…

RaceWeb: What’s your occupation?
Jason Webb: I do shows for XS Promotions, who actually run the SupaDrift Series and they have a show called Atomic Junkies which is us travelling anywhere and doing shows for people, that’s basically what I do…

RW: What do you do in your spare time, other than drifting?
JW: *Laughs* That’s all I do really… ermm, well I help my dad work, and I learn from what he does, mechanics, suspensions, so I’m always trying to learn from him.

RW: What was the first car you learned to drift in?
JW: Nissan S13 200SX

RW: Was it a good car?
JW: Yes, very good! We named it “Crimbles” because it was a … let’s just say I hit every wall and pole, so it was a real play car but Ernest eventually wrote it off…

RW: What car do you drift with now?
JW: Well we also have a S13 200SX, and the reason why we got that car is because everything about it is made for drifting, length of the car, the width, but we obviously modify everything more by making it longer and wider which not a lot of people do because you need that for the switch. It is a short car so it switches quickly so we use that extra width against other people.

RW: Mods/Power?
JW: We put in a 1JZ, which is a 2.5 straight 6 Toyota motor and looking at getting about 450 – 500Kw’s from it with the help of Steve from No Sweat Racing. Basically mods to the car… suspension, yoh everything, diff, gearbox, everything’s different. The only thing not different is the chassis… and the badge.

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