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Ghetto Fabulous

It’s all about doing shift-locks and how chrome rocks for this ‘Prophet of the city.’ By Jason Sasman.
Photography by Tauriq Abrahams.

What does a car-crazy radio DJ do when he is done building one of the most complete drift vehicles west of Japan? I mean, what do you get yourself after having acquired one of the most tricked out and fully spec’d Nissan S13’s in the country? Well, you buy yourself an S14 of course, that’s just logical.

But no ordinary S14 would do, not at all. In no way was ‘D’ going to drop any level from his customising elevation. Not even a lateral move was an option. It was higher up or nothing at all. This left only one car worth acquiring...an S14 that already had 5 years worth of super-grade drift heritage instilled into its DNA.

This particular S14 came out at a time when drift and all things associated with it was rather foreign to most of us. In its strides toward forging into the unknown, and under conceptualisation of its previous owner, it pioneered much ground towards ‘what worked’ and ‘what did not’ in the drift world. This meant that it had, over much time, received some of the best drift mods available on our planet.

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