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Double Impact

Stripped of all their luxuries and comfort, these two bruisers are in it to win it, oh... and to have twice the fun doing it of course! By Jason Sasman. Photography by Tauriq Abrahams.

Not unfamiliar to our pages, we have the return of a Bavarian duo. First spotted hanging around a forced induction E30 BMW, Masood Ruyter and Thaabit Achmat are back but this time staying true to the naturally aspirated formula on each of their rides. The idea to own two track ready BMW’s came to the young pair just under two years ago, with Masood acquiring the perfect specimen from Thaabits dad, the infamous Achmat ‘Oeg’. It was an ex- Joburg car (previously turbocharged) and had fallen from ‘grace’, but eventually the 1989 325i ‘Shadowline’ landed into Masood’s eager little hands. He wasted no time into bringing his “track day special” into reality. The engine was the first item to receive an overhaul, and this done by BMW specialists EA Performance. Being a 325is edition made this a brilliant base engine to work off of. And because the initial idea was to keep it a strictly open track day car (not a Clubman’s participant) the overall power output was not of great concern, just its eagerness through the rev-range and tons of reliability.

The engine was cleaned up and put back together. But not before installing a fresh set of OEM pistons and conrods (slightly oversized) pushing the cubic capacity to a meaty 2699cc and compression of a pump fuel friendly 10.5:1.

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