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Double Dragon, double the trouble & double the fun. By Zed Richards. Photography by Tauriq Abrahams.

Double Dragons, Double the trouble, Double the fun! That’s what
Shadley Chilwan(the lucky bazturd) has at his disposal! 2 x 2005
Hayabusa’s fully worked! One more than the other! First we bring
the newly resprayed Orange and Black Busa that looks tame and normal like any other. Like a pet dragon you would keep in your living room…

However, appearances can be deceiving! Looking at this bike, you would think it’s like any other Busa that’s just had a spray job of choice, HOWEVER, that’s not the case here. He can smoke it like the best of them! This Busa has had some extensive work done to it, making it a bit more unique and almost breathing that deadly fire! I’m sure most of you have seen this Busa on the scene, out and about, doing his infamous power roll on burnouts, wagging it’s tail off the lines, spinning that back wheel without any remorse what so ever! Roaring and leaving clouds of smoke, just waiting for that fire to come thru and roast your ass! Not many ppl would modify a busa because of it immense power in standard form, but then again Shadley isn’t quite used to the norm and likes taking things to the extreme! This one dragon is no exception! And needs to be the exception to the rule!

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