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Looking at this pair, you’d be forgiven for thinking that your gazing at screen shots out of the infamous ‘Initial D’ series, or even daydreaming about your ultimate fantasy garage again. But I’m afraid, you’d be terribly wrong. By Jason Sasman. Photography by Tauriq Abrahams.

You see the background, its local; the roads these beasts are travelling on, all lead to somewhere close to where your sitting right now...those cars, in fact, are here! Yes, these rides are sporting SABS approved number plates, but that is about as far as the “local” add-on bits go. You see, the drivers of these cars knew the kind of kit required to bring out the full potential of these Japanese performance vehicles would have to stretch far beyond our borders and deep into the outer limits of the imagination. There would be no holding back. Although these cars share many similarities, such as both are born and bred Japanese sports vehicles that can hold its own on the racetrack, or even in standard guise they won’t look out of place in front of a swanky hotel. They both have the numeric ‘8’ in their insignia,
and at some stage or the other they have both been used as your desktop wallpaper. But that is where the similarities for these two cars end, as it’s in their individual build purpose that they differ quite a bit.

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