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Foreign affair

We have always had a love affair of rare and diverse beauty, especially of foreign derivation. Enticed by the exclusivity, one man has gone to great lengths to obtain just such a gem. By Jason Sasman. Photography by Tauriq Abrahams.

My introduction into the world Autophilia or ‘extreme love of cars’ came about pretty much the same as how many others would have experienced it, by nestling the latest issue of a popular overseas car magazine, or even better, obtaining a copy of a DVD showing the latest from abroad. These media formats were choc-full of sweetly tuned and styled cars that easily tore up their local streets, in countries like the US, UK or Japan.

So imagine my dismay, and that of thousands of others, when i discovered that the good old R.S of A has stricter import policies than a German nanny named Olga looking after the king’s virginal daughter. This crushed many hearts, as well as many incorrectly imported vehicles. The cars available from across our borders or over the seas was much to be desired, as they came in shapes and formats us local lads could only drool over while watching those DVD’s or reading those magazines.

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