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Owner: Waseem Hamid
Contact us on: Cell 071 478 2911 Landline 021 686 3912
Website: http://www.washmyride.co.za
Email us at: info@washmyride.co.za
Visit us at: Main Road
Rondebosch on Main Shopping Centre (Pick n Pay Centre)
Upper parking level
Cape Town
GPS co-ordinates 33°57'37.83"S | 18°28'14.78"E


The life of a car is an uphill battle. So often they’re taken for a ride, hit bumps in the road, get faced by road blocks and have to deal with stress caused by traffic and crazy taxi drivers. Put the sparkle back in your baby’s headlights today by visiting Wash My Ride!

A session at Wash My Ride consists of an exfoliating wash, a deep cleansing vacuum to rid all fabrics of impurities, a tyre polish, mag cleaning, glass guard coating, a plastic interior and exterior trim treatment and air freshener that’ll leave cars looking, feeling and smelling brand new.

Wash my ride is known for its mud and grime breaking work on the car washing scene. Conveniently located on Main Road in Rondebosch, you can easily pop in and miss the morning traffic. Chill on the funky couches while your baby gets treated to some much needed TLC and the rest of the world is shouting at the guy who froze at the traffic light.

Under the chamois of the experienced guys in overalls your car will be treated like a queen’s carriage. You can be sure your car will drive out the garage door feeling refreshed and invigorated, ready to face the open road.

It’s actually top secret information but it is rumoured that Wash My Ride was the unofficial caretakers of the Bat mobile when the man in the mask visited the Southern Suburbs in 2006.


Refer to website for latest details.

We use quality Meguiar's products for all polishing.

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