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Contact us on: Landline: 0861 111 230
Website: https://www.facebook.com/tyreassist/
Email us at: westerncape@tyreassist.co.za
Visit us at: Unit 26b,
Sycamore Crescent,
Atlas Gardens,

Who we are.

Tyre Assist Western Cape is a distributor of SEAL, a tyre puncture protection system that is installed into the tyre of any vehicle to automatically repair punctures. SEAL is locally manufactured (in Johannesburg) and has distributors in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Northern Province and the Western Cape.

What is SEAL?

SEAL is a Propylene Glycol water soluble tyre coolant and sealant. When installed into a tyre it will give protection against:

• Tread punctures
• Bead leaks & Rim leaks
• Porosity leaks through the tyre
• Tubeless tyre or wheel-related leaks while keeping all tyres cooler for

SEAL has a revolutionary formula of more than 7 components that remain fluid at all times. The formula includes recycled tyre crumb which is forced into the wound stopping air loss and repairing the tyre.

Guaranteed to seal punctures up to 6mm diameter in a car tyre. Side wall punctures or bullet holes can be sealed with advanced applications.

How does SEAL work?

SEAL is injected through the valve and coats the inside of the tyre, as illustrated in fig. 1 & 2. This is done with the pressurized keg in fig 3. It will automatically reduce the tyres operating temperature and it will condition the casing. After the installation the vehicle needs to be driven at highway speeds for at least 10Km to distribute the product evenly.

What does it cost?

From R150* ex. Vat. per tyre, installed by one of our trained installers. The cost is higher in larger vehicles as more product is installed. For motorbikes and bicycles there is a self-install kit available for R150 ex Vat.
*This is based on a standard tyre size of 175/65/13

As the Western Cape Distributor, we have franchises available for sole proprietors as well as regional sub distributors. The sole distributor package, which includes stock, equipment and training, is available for R29 000 ex. Vat.

Visit our Facebook page for more info and details on current events @: https://www.facebook.com/tyreassist/

If you are interested in the business opportunity or an installation contact us on:

Email: westerncape@tyreassist.co.za
Ph: 0861 111 230

Address: Unit 26b, Sycamore Crescent, Atlas Gardens Contermanskloof


Figure 1.

Figure 2.

Figure 3.

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