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Contact person: Paul Kasker
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About Us

Maitland Auto Clinic (MAC) was officially established in 1998, however it was long in development before that. To be precise, the passion started in 1986 when Paul Kasker (The MAC) was merely 13 years of age and was bitten by the car frenzy bug.

He was willing to help anybody that was working on their vehicles. At the age of 17 (1990), he had modified his first car with the help of friends. At the end of the same year he did his first conversion, and converted his 2.0l automatic Ford Cortina to a 3.0l Manual. After that successful conversion he then tried his hands on modifying a Golf 2 GTi.

In the Early 90’s he studied at the Western Province Technical College. A few years later he met and married Fazlin, an equally fast car fanatic, who ironically was always found in her father’s garage with a helping hand at mechanics. Her father believed that if she wanted to drive his 4 x 4, she had to be able to change its big wheels first. “No daughter of mine will get stuck on the road and not know what to do. Besides, the AA is for the rich,” were his words! Paul and Fazlin were always too happy to be lying under vehicles in their overalls spending good quality time together!

Fazlin supported and encouraged Paul to turn his passion into a service to the public while she pursued her desire to climb the Corporate Ladder, however, silently in the background her interests and input remained with MAC.

Maitland Auto Clinic was born and more and more conversions were done, ranging from, BMW 535; Standard Citi Golf to 2.0L 16v; BMW 325i Shadowline standard to 2.7l fully modified then later Turbo-charged. One of the first turbo-charged BMW’s in Cape Town at the time. BMW 325i with Nitrous Oxide, the list continues with a current drift vehicle project underway, Nissan 200SX, their sons Chev Camaro and possibly later on the cards, her BMW e46 M3 Turbo conversion…….

Paul and Fazlin were always found at Wingfield Airforce Base where racing enthusiasts met to have fun legally.

Fazlin has subsequently decided to end her silence to return to her first love, her passion, that being Paul-MAC. This time however armed with a wealth of professional knowledge ranging from Project Administration, Project Co-Ordination and Project Management. Fazlin’s discipline to structure, processes and procedures will undoubtedly add to the existing value MAC is constantly striving to maintain.


To offer an honest, sincere and professional service to the public. No hidden costs, no hidden agenda’s, service satisfaction guaranteed. To offer cost effective but reliable performance conversions to the public.

MAC Service Centre - (021) 511 0917 | (021) 510 5534 | (021) 801 6077

Suspension Repairs | Clutch Overalls | Engine Overalls | Cylinder Head Repairs | Wheel Bearings | Major & Minor Services | Brakes | CV Joints | Computer Diagnostics | Minor Electrical Repairs




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