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Chip Logic Specials

All turbo diesel from R3000.00 to R3500.00
All petrol turbo's from R3500.00 VW / AUDI and other popular models
BMW 335i /135i from R8500.00

Other options also available ,inductions kits and exhausts systems etc


Chip Logic utilizes original vehicle manufacturers software -
so the following situation in the event of an accident or in
the event of a speed governor removal is accommodated
for. Chip Logic does not fool the speed signal to the DME.
The speed signal oes frmo the speed sensor to the ECU,
then the signal is processed by the ECU and set off to the
airbag control units - ASR, ASC, DSC, EGS and ABS.

Most car manufacturers are mapped for coastal regions
(Europe / USA / UK / Australia), this is at sea level with
an air pressure of about 1050mb. However the reef has
a unique height (above sea level), +- upto 1700m and
this somewhat lowers the ambient by +- 260mb. This
has the effect of lowering the compression ratio's in most
of the vehicle manufacturers original software. This heigt
in sea level and drop in ambient pressure is not accommodated for.

The Solution

In all our Chip Logic modified software the high altitude and sea level conditions are accommodated for. Torque dampeners are placed in to the original software in the EPROM from the factory - most vehicles since 1995 have lambda and knock sensors, meaning ignition timing and fuel settings are optimized from the factory. Chip Logic writes off these torque dampeners at the EPROM and optimizes the full load characteristics of the vehicle on a rolling-road-dyno.

Turbo's and Turbo Diesel vehicles: Because of the pressure drop at high altitudes, Chip Logic accommodates for the loss of air pressure - raises boost levels where applicable on turbo cars, giving them up to 60% more power (more torque and kilo watts) Chip Logic uses original manufacturers software (OE) and all changes are done in the EPROM (without wire tampering or piggy backing).



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