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Store manager: Dereck Petshwa
Contact us on: (021) 592-5029
Email us at:
Visit us at: 13 - 15 Voortrekker Road
Western Cape
GPS co-ordinates S 33°54'28.7" | E 18°34'22.7"

Computerised 4 Wheel Alignment

Pop in and take advantage of our superior 3D wheel alignment equipment.

Correct wheel alignment can add up to 10 000kms to a tyre's life and delivers a better feel, better handling and a smoother ride.

State-of-the-art computerised 4 wheel alignment means that all 4 wheels are aligned identically to the geometric centre line of your vehicle. This gives absolute true vehicle direction under any road, driving style or load conditions.

We use State-Of-The-Art equipment to ensure that it matches the advanced technological developments of both motor and product manufacturers. Our staff are trained to deliver the highest possible levels of alignment service available, whether high performance, passenger or 4x4 vehicle expertise is needed.

Wheel Balancing

Pop in to an Autoquip and put us to the test. Our State-of-the-art equipment and rigorous filter training can solve the most acute steering wheel vibrations – right at the cause.

We’ll solve your wheel imbalance problems quickly and efficiently. Our close relationship with your vehicle manufacturer, means we can pin point any after market problem. Buying your new tyres from us not only gets you South Africa’s best value, but ensures you’ll get a shimmy-free ride because we balance dynamically and statically.

Run Flat Expertise

As a recognized authority on tyres and wheels we pride ourselves on having some of the world's leading Run-Flat-Tyre experts, in-house (The Bridgestone Family), and the equipment to fit and service Run-Flat-Tyre Technology.

How it works
Run flat tyres give you the peace of mind of knowing that, in the event of a puncture, you can carry on driving to a secure destination before stopping the vehicle.

Run flat tyres have reinforced inner walls made from heat resistant rubber, that will maintain shape and stability in the event of a puncture, even when the vehicle is fully loaded, driving at speed and cornering.


Why use Nitrogen?

- Tyres’ run 10-15% cooler
Nitrogen is a pure, inert gas and does not retain heat. Cooler tyres last LONGER and are SAFER.
- Tyres’ pressures are 3-4 time better
Nitrogen is the slowest migrating gas through a tyre. Tyre’s pressure should remain constant, so no worrying about topping up.
- Tyres’ life can be extended by 20% or more
Because of cooler tyres at the correct pressure, you will get maximum life out of your tyres.

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